Origin: Finland  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: October 7, 2023
Last update/review: October 7, 2023

The Abbey

Finland's The Abbey debuted in 2023 with Word Of Sin, an album that might best be described as a somewhat slower, slightly more theatrical version of old Ghost. There are faint occult traces (organs and the like) and a vocal style that is the most Papa-like aspect of the band, even though this band accomplishes this with a male/female vocal pair. There's a fair bit to like here, particularly but not exclusively for Ghost fans, but Word Of Sin seems more of a case of potential, as the band may be still finding its footing.

Current Members

Natalie Koskinen

vocals (ex-Depressed Mode, Shape Of Despair)

Jesse Heikkinen

guitars/keyboards/vocals (ex-Hexvessel)

Janne Markus

guitars (The Man-Eating Tree, ex-Poisonblack)

Henri Arvola


Vesa Ranta

drums (ex-The Man-Eating Tree, ex-Sentenced)


Word Of Sin  
2023 Season Of Mist
  1. Rat King
  2. A Thousand Dead Witches
  3. Crystallion
  4. Starless
  5. Desert Temple
  6. Widow’s Will
  7. Queen of Pain
  8. Old Ones: Prequel
  9. Old Ones
  • Natalie Koskinen
  • Jesse Heikkinen
  • Janne Markus
  • Henri Arvola
  • Vesa Ranta

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