Origin: Tampa, Florida, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: February 24, 2006
Last update/review: May 17, 2010


More brutality from the fertile Floridian death metal scene. Diabolic never got the acclaim of the more famous bands from the region, but their music was solid, typical for the genre, well executed though they weren't the most original of bands. Plagued by constant lineup and record label changes, the band kept it together for several years, finally disbanding in 2004.

Some time later, former drummer Aantar Lee Coates put together a new lineup calling itself Diabolic, over the objections of fellow original member Brian Malone, who wished the band be laid to rest permanently. At one point legal action was threatened, but that no longer appears to be the case, and the new Diabolic is up and running, with a new album recorded and awaiting a release.

Current Members

Paul Ouellette


Kelly McLauchlin


Jeff Parrish


Aantar Lee Coates


Former Members/Guests

Jesse Jolly

vocals/bass (ex-Amon)

Brian Malone


Brian Hipp

guitars (ex-Brutality) RIP: October 21, 2006

Jerry Mortellaro

guitars (ex-Resurrection)

Eric Hersemann

guitars (Gigan)

R.J. Reinagle


Ed Webb

vocals/bass (ex-Massacre)

Rutger Cole


Gael Barthelemy



Supreme Evil  
1998 Conquest
  1. Insacred
  2. Sacrament Of Fiends
  3. Ancient Hatred
  4. Treacherous Scriptures
  5. Grave Warnings
  6. Rack Of Torment
  7. View With Abhorrence
  8. Dwelling Spirits
  9. Wicked Inclination
  10. Supreme Evil
  • Paul Ouellette
  • Brian Malone
  • Ed Webb
  • Aantar Lee Coates

City Of The Dead  EP
1999 Fadeless
  1. Denounce God
  2. City Of The Dead
  3. Vortex
  4. Encarta (bonus)
  5. Inborn (bonus)
  • Paul Ouellette
  • Brian Malone
  • Rutger Cole
  • Aantar Lee Coates

Subterraneal Magnitude  
2001 Conquest
  1. Vassago
  2. Forewarning
  3. Extinction Level Event
  4. Failed Extraction
  5. Deadly Deception
  6. Fleshcraft
  7. Infernalism
  8. Diabolic Perception
  9. Soul Projection
  10. Necromancer Of The Ancient Arts
  11. Subterraneal Magnitude
  • Paul Ouellette
  • Brian Malone
  • Brian Hipp
  • Ed Webb
  • Aantar Lee Coates

Vengeance Ascending  
2001 Olympic
  1. Darken The Imagination
  2. All Evils Inside
  3. Vengeance Ascending
  4. The Shallowed
  5. Marked For Banishment
  6. The Inevitable
  7. Possess The Strength
  8. Celestial Pleasures
  9. Cease To Be
  10. Majestic Satanic
  • Paul Ouellette
  • Brian Malone
  • Jerry Mortellaro
  • Aantar Lee Coates

Infinity Through Purification  
2003 Olympic
  1. From The Astral Plane... Entwined With Infinity
  2. Spiritual Transition
  3. Satanic Barbarism
  4. Internal Mental Cannibalism
  5. Procession of The Soul Grinders
  6. Exsanguinated Life
  7. Descending Through Portals of Misery
  8. Enter The Maelstrom
  • Brian Malone
  • Eric Hersemann
  • Ed Webb
  • Gael Barthelemy

Possessed By Death  EP
2007 self-released
  • Jesse Jolly
  • R.J. Reinagle
  • Kelly McLauchlin
  • Aantar Lee Coates

Excisions Of Exorcisms  
2010 Deathgasm
  1. Excisions of Exorcisms
  2. Hellish World
  3. Entombed
  4. Venomous Habitations
  5. Evil in Disguise
  6. Bloodwashed
  7. False Belief
  8. Fragmented Kreations
  • Paul Ouellette
  • Kelly McLauchlin
  • Jeff Parrish
  • Aantar Lee Coates

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