Origin: Poland  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: June 23, 2015

Atrophia Red Sun

Atrophia Red Sun is one of several standout Polish extreme metal acts that arose in the new millennium. Poland continues to churn out impressive extreme metal bands, Their style is self-described as "death twisted metal focused on mind spheres", which despite being a mouthful is as good a description as any of what can be found on their 2003 Twisted Logic album (their third, following two previous releases apparently in a different style). Their frenzied, technical, death/black metal, augmented by spacey keyboards, occasionally brings to mind fellow Poles Lux Occulta circa My Guardian Anger (maybe not coincidental, as guitarist Kastor once played for LO) with twisted riffing, vicious black singing, and plenty of interesting tempos. Logic turned out to be their last recording, though as late as 2014 some form of the band was still around.

Current Members

Covan (Adrian Kowanek)

vocals (ex-Decapitated)

Rafal Kastory


Fafson (Pawel Kolasa)

bass (Sceptic)

Piotr Kopec


Jakub Kogut

drums (Sceptic)

Former Members/Guests

Marcin Bochajewski


Piotr Stepkowski


Michal Nasiadka


Grzegorz Feliks

bass (ex-Sceptic)

Pawel Wegrzyn


Miloza Likowski



Painfull Love  
1995 Croon
  1. Blazing Whispers
  2. Everything In One
  3. Love Is...
  4. Old Fable
  5. Poem
  6. Painfull Love For Both Of Us
  • Covan
  • Piotr Kopec

1997 Morbid Noizz
  1. Claptrap
  2. Goddess Of Fortune
  3. Tell Me
  4. This World
  5. Gulf Song
  6. Fear
  7. Master Queen
  8. That Which Is Coming
  • Covan
  • Marcin Bochajewski
  • Piotr Stepkowski
  • Michal Nasiadka
  • Piotr Kopec
  • Pawel Wegrzyn

Twisted Logic  
2003 Empire
  1. Code Word (personal) cold world
  2. Abstract
  3. Infected Tears
  4. Inspiration
  5. Nameless Rot
  6. Sins of Nations
  7. Sugar Cube
  8. Twisted Logic
  9. Structure of emptiness
  10. into(my)xcitation
  11. acid sideefect: lost in darkness
  • Covan
  • Rafal Kastory
  • Grzegorz Feliks
  • Piotr Kopec
  • Miloza Likowski

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