Origin: Poland  
Genres: Death Metal
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Last update/review: January 19, 2006


Part of a healthy Polish death metal scene, Sceptic was formed in 1994, with guitarist Jacek Hiro the sole remaining member from the early lineups. The first two albums are intense technical death metal affairs, reminiscient of Human-era Death or perhaps a less jazzy Cynic, with an impressive display of musicianship presented. With an all-new lineup surrounding Hiro, the third album, Unbeliever's Script, tones down the technicality and the pace a bit, resulting in a less frenetic, but perhaps more focused, intricate death metal album. These guys are very recommended to tech death metal fans.

Current Members

Marcin Urbas


Jacek Hiro

guitars (ex-Dies Irae, ex-Virgin Snatch)

Pawel Kolasa

bass (Atrophia Red Sun)

Jakub Kogut

drums (Atrophia Red Sun)

Former Members/Guests

Michal Senajko


Weronika Zbieg


Czesiek Semla


Grzegorz Feliks

bass (ex-Atrophia Red Sun)

Marcin Halerz


Kuba Kogut


Maciek Zieba


Jakub Chmura



Blind Existence  
1999 Mystic
  1. Die From Within
  2. Interior of Life
  3. Blind Existence
  4. Outworld (Instrumental)
  5. Sceptic
  6. Senseless
  7. Painful Silence
  8. Sadistic Aggression
  9. Beyond Reality
  10. Imprisoned
  • Marcin Urbas
  • Jacek Hiro
  • Czesiek Semla
  • Pawel Kolasa
  • Kuba Kogut

Pathetic Being  
2001 Last Episode
  1. Intro
  2. Ancient Portal
  3. Pathetic Being
  4. Only Lies
  5. Ancestor of All Powers
  6. Incapable Rules
  7. Lost Identify
  8. Arctic Crypt
  9. Particles of Time
  10. Children's Eyes
  • Michal Senajko
  • Jacek Hiro
  • Czesiek Semla
  • Pawel Kolasa
  • Maciek Zieba

Unbeliever's Script  
2003 Empire
  1. Unbeliever's Script
  2. Illussion Possessor
  3. Controlled By Mind
  4. Soul Controllers
  5. Shapeless Entity
  6. Knowledge Gatherer
  7. Voices From The Past
  8. Spiritually Tormented
  9. Waves Of Destruction
  • Marcin Urbas
  • Jacek Hiro
  • Grzegorz Feliks
  • Jakub Chmura

Internal Complexity  
2005 Mystic
  1. Alternation of Destiny
  2. Internal Complexity
  3. Suddenly Awaken
  4. Manipulated
  5. Knowing Nothing...
  6. Anomaly
  7. Hidden in the Light
  8. Paralyzed, Mesmerized
  9. Those Who Remember
  10. Atypical Reverie
  • Weronika Zbieg
  • Jacek Hiro
  • Marcin Halerz
  • Jakub Chmura

Nailed To Ignorance  
2022 Szataniac
  1. Mind Destroyer
  2. Wolf as a Shepherd
  3. Fate in My Hand
  4. Gaia
  5. Wordbow
  6. All I Can Devour
  7. The Sakkara Bird
  8. InHuman
  9. Nailed to Ignorance
  • Marcin Urbas
  • Jacek Hiro
  • Pawel Kolasa
  • Jakub Kogut

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