Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Black Metal
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Last update/review: September 5, 2011


This young Swedish group formed in 2000, with a debut album Cell 666 released in 2004, followed by Devilution a year later. Cell 666 is an accomplished melodic black metal album in the tradition of Dimmu Borgir or (perhaps less so) Cradle Of Filth, with keyboards an integral component of their sound. At times it's a bit by-the-numbers, with some of the songs a tad faceless after a few listens, but on the plus side the musicianship and production are tight and there is room for growth.

Current Members

Fredric Edin


Mathias Edin


Patrik Wall


Leif Högberg


David Ekevärn


Former Members/Guests

Henrik Johansson

guitars (ex-Wolf) RIP: March 9, 2006, murdered

Daniel Lindgren

bass (ex-Divine Souls, ex-Setherial)

Dennis Bobzien


Håkan Björklund


Richard Holmgren

drums (ex-Wolf)


Cell 666  
2004 Black Mark
  1. Crowned In Thorns
  2. Infernal Majesty
  3. Cell 666
  4. Icon
  5. Beneath the Lies of Prophecy
  6. 7th Throne
  7. Reign of Chaos
  8. Beauty of Death
  9. Metempsychosis
  10. Malignant
  11. Sulphur Injection
  12. Virus
  13. Supreme Architecture
  14. Vengeance
  15. Salvation Denied
  16. Soulgrime
  17. Suicide Breeze
  • Fredric Edin
  • Mathias Edin
  • Henrik Johansson
  • Dennis Bobzien
  • Leif Högberg
  • Håkan Björklund

2005 Black Mark
  • Fredric Edin
  • Mathias Edin
  • Henrik Johansson
  • Daniel Lindgren
  • Leif Högberg
  • Richard Holmgren

Nuclear Messiah  
2011 Rambo
  1. The Blacker the Blood
  2. Parasite Swarm
  3. Slave to the Cross
  4. Nuclear Messiah
  5. Horns
  6. God's Assassin
  7. The Man with a Thousand Faces
  8. What Lies Within

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