Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Black Metal
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Last update/review: June 17, 2010


Traditional black metal (i.e. fast, keyboard-less, ferocious) is the trademark of Setherial, one of several standout Swedish black metal bands who have been around for about a decade now, with four albums to their credit thus far. There's really nothing radically different here, but they simply shred. Setherial, then, belongs in the same league as fellow black metallers such as, say, Gorgoroth -- bands like these are not changing the face of black metal, but they prove that a high degree of originality isn't necessarily required for just plain good black metal.

Last Lineup

Infaustus (Magnus Ödling)

vocals (ex-Diabolical)





Mysteriis (Håkan Sjödin)

drums (ex-In Battle)

Former Members/Guests

Wrath (Kristoffer Olivius)

vocals (ex-Bewitched, Naglfar)



Choronzon (Göran Johansson)

rhythm guitar (ex-Torchbearer)

Thorn (Daniel Edström)


Sasrof (Björn Holmberg)


Funestus (Daniel Lindgren)

bass (ex-Apostasy, ex-Divine Souls)

Zathanel (Anders Löfgren)


Moloch (Otto Wiklund)

drums (ex-In Battle) RIP: August 13, 2006, heart failure


1996 Napalm
  1. In The Still Of A Northern Fullmoon
  2. Mörkrets Tid
  3. Över Det Blodtäckta Nord
  4. I Nattens Famn
  5. För Dem Mitt Blod
  6. I Skuggornas Dunkla Sken
  • Kraath
  • Devothan
  • Thorn
  • Sasrof
  • Zathanel
  • Mysteriis

Lords Of The Nightrealm  
1998 Napalm
  1. Satan's Realm
  2. Shades Over Universe
  3. Into Everlasting Fire
  4. Summon The Lord with Horns
  5. Diabolus Enim
  6. Enthroned In Dusk And Shadows
  7. Through Sombre Times
  8. Lords Of The Nightrealm
  • Kraath
  • Choronzon
  • Moloch
  • Mysteriis

Hell Eternal  
1999 Napalm
  1. Towards Thy Realm
  2. Shadows of the Throne
  3. Hell Eternal
  4. The Aeschma Deava
  5. The Sign of Wrath Awaked
  6. The Nightrealm
  7. Guardians of the Gates of Flame
  • Wrath
  • Kraath
  • Choronzon
  • Sasrof
  • Mysteriis

From The Ancient Ruins  DEMO RE-RELEASE
2003 Napalm
  1. Among the Flames
  2. The Ancient Ruins
  3. The Beyond
  4. Obscurum
  5. A Hail to the Faceless Angels
  6. The Reborn Darkness
  7. As a Shadow
  8. The Ancient Sphere
  9. My Veins Are Open

Endtime Divine  
2003 Regain
  1. Crimson Manifestation
  2. The Underworld
  3. Subterranean
  4. ... Of Suicide
  5. Entity of Night
  6. The Night of All Nights
  7. Endtime Divine
  8. Transformation
  9. Storms
  • Wrath
  • Kraath
  • Choronzon
  • Zathanel
  • Mysteriis

Death Triumphant  
2006 Regain
  1. The Limbo of Insanity
  2. Death Triumphant
  3. With Veins Wide Open
  4. Aeons of Bloodlust
  5. Relinquishment from the Unlighted Chambers
  6. Hellstorms Over the Empyrean
  7. Inhale the Embers
  8. Devilry, Wickedness and Scorn
  9. Curse of the Manifest
  • Infaustus
  • Kraath
  • Choronzon
  • Funestus
  • Mysteriis

2010 Regain
  1. A World In Hell
  2. Ekpyrosis
  3. The Mournful Sunset Of The Forsaken
  4. The Devouring Eye
  5. Subsequent Emissions From A Frozen Galaxy
  6. Thoughts Of Life They Wither
  7. Celestial Remains Of The Cosmic Creation
  8. Enemy Of Creation
  • Infaustus
  • Kraath
  • Thurz
  • Mysteriis

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