Origin: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Last update/review: November 27, 2018


Arsis, a young band from Virginia, have been turning heads with their 2004 release A Celebration Of Guilt. Labelled a melodic death metal album, Guilt breathes new life into a genre that peaked several years ago and has been oversaturated for some time now -- simply put, there is more punch, vigor, and energy here than any album released under the melodic death banner over the past several years. And all this from a studio duo, a pair of guys who got together in 2000 and recorded a couple of demos before wowing crowds with some live shows (assisted by session musicians). Well done indeed.

Current Members

James Malone

vocals/guitars/bass (Necromancing The Stone)

Brandon Ellis

guitars (Black Dahlia Murder)

Noah Martin

bass (ex-Lilitu)

Shawn Priest


Former Members/Guests

Ryan Knight

guitars (Black Dahlia Murder)

Nick Cordle

guitars (ex-Arch Enemy, Omnium Gatherum)

Nathaniel Carter


Michael Van Dyne


Darren Cesca

drums (ex-Deeds Of Flesh)


A Celebration Of Guilt  
2004 Willowtip
  1. Maddening Disdain
  2. Seven Whispers Fell Silent
  3. Return
  4. Worship Depraved
  5. Carnal Ways to Recreate the Heart
  6. Dust and Guilt
  7. Elegant and Perverse
  8. The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavement Letters
  9. Looking to Nothing
  10. Wholly Night
  • James Malone
  • Michael Van Dyne

A Diamond For Disease  EP
2005 Willowtip
  1. A Diamond for Disease
  2. Roses on White Lace
  3. The Promise of Never
  • James Malone
  • Michael Van Dyne

United In Regret  
2006 Willowtip
  1. Oh, The Humanity
  2. ... And The Blind One Came
  3. United In Regret
  4. I Speak Through Shadows
  5. Lust Before The Maggots Conquest
  6. The Marriage Bed
  7. The Cold Resistance
  8. The Things You Said
  9. Hopeless Truth
  • James Malone
  • Noah Martin
  • Michael Van Dyne
2006 Readers' Album #74

As Regret Becomes Guilt  
2007 Neg. Existence
  1. Elegant and Perverse (2002 demo)
  2. Wholly Night (2002 demo)
  3. Worship Depraved (2002 demo)
  4. Seven Whispers Fell Silent (2002 demo)
  5. Veil of Mourning Black (2002 demo)
  6. Fortune's Envy (2001 demo)
  7. Close (2001 demo)
  8. Painted Eyes (2001 demo)
  9. Elegant and Perverse (2002 alternate version)
  10. Seven Whispers Fell Silent (2002 alternate version)
  • James Malone
  • Michael Van Dyne

We Are The Nightmare  
2008 Nuclear Blast
  1. We Are The Nightmare
  2. Shattering The Spell
  3. Sightless Wisdom
  4. Servants To The Night
  5. Failing Winds Of Hopeless Greed
  6. Overthrown
  7. Progressive Entrapment
  8. A Feast For The Liar’s Tongue
  9. My Oath To Madness
  10. Failure’s Conquest
  • James Malone
  • Ryan Knight
  • Noah Martin
  • Darren Cesca
2008 Readers' Album #37

Starve For The Devil  
2010 Nuclear Blast
  1. Forced to Rock
  2. A March for the Sick
  3. From Soulless to Shattered (Art in Dying)
  4. Beyond Forlorn
  5. The Ten of Swords
  6. Closer to Cold
  7. Sick Perfection
  8. Half Past Corpse O'Clock
  9. Escape Artist
  10. Sable Rising
  11. Pound Of Flesh (For The Hell Of It)
  • James Malone
  • Nick Cordle
  • Nathaniel Carter
  • Michael Van Dyne

Lepers Caress  EP
2012 Scion A/V
  1. Haunted, Fragile and Frozen
  2. Six Coffins Wide
  3. Veil of Mourning Black
  4. A Tearful Haunt, Condemned
  5. Carve My Cross
  6. Denied
  • James Malone
  • Brandon Ellis
  • Noah Martin
  • Shawn Priest

2013 Nuclear Blast
  1. Unwelcome
  2. Carve My Cross
  3. Handbook For The Recently Deceased
  4. Choking On Sand
  5. Let Me Be The One
  6. Sunglasses At Night
  7. Martyred Or Mourning
  8. No One Lies To The Dead
  9. I Share In Shame
  10. Scornstar
  • James Malone
  • Brandon Ellis
  • Noah Martin
  • Shawn Priest

2018 Agonia
  1. Tricking the Gods
  2. Hell Sworn
  3. Easy Prey
  4. Fathoms
  5. As Deep as Your Flesh
  6. A Pulse Keeping Time with the Dark
  7. Funeral Might
  8. Death Vow
  9. Dead Is Better
  10. Unto the Knife
  11. His Eyes (Pseudo Echo cover)
  • James Malone
  • Brandon Ellis
  • Noah Martin
  • Shawn Priest

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