Origin: Belgium  
Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal
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Page online: April 16, 2007
Last update/review: February 5, 2009


Axamenta formed in 1993 and has gone through several lineup changes as well as musical style changes, as apparently they were into both brutal death metal and slower doomdeath at variuos times during their early years. The band formally debuted in 2001 with Codex Barathri, their first official release following several demos, the last of which was a CD demo entitled Non Draconis Argenti. Between Codex and its eventual followup five years later, the entire lineup sans vocalist Peter Meynckens was overhauled. Following a 2004 promo, the new album Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture was released in 2006. And quite an adventurous album it is, somewhat of a symphonic black metal album with some death metal influences (at times a bit of Cradle Of Filth or Dimmu Borgir can be heard), a complex and occasionally grandiose statement indeed. Though at times it sounds like they're trying to pack too many structures into one song (overall it's a rather dense recording), there's no denying the musical talent and potential that's on display here. They continued for three more years, but announced their breakup in January 2009.

Last Lineup

Ian Van Gemeren


Sven Deckers


Sven Janssens

bass (ex-Aborted)

Jeroen Vingerhoed


Former Members/Guests

Peter Meynckens


Yves Huts

guitars (ex-Epica)

Tim Wilmots


Frederik Van Mieghem


Tom Van Oosterwijck



Codex Barathri  
2001 LSP
  1. Liber Angelis
  2. Beyond The Haunting
  3. Echoes
  4. Godsman
  5. Deciphering Darkness
  6. Elemental Dance
  7. Liber Daemonis
  8. Through The Scarlet Forever
  9. Submissive To The All
  • Peter Meynckens
  • Yves Huts
  • Tim Wilmots
  • Frederik Van Mieghem

2006 Shiver
  1. Incognation
  2. Demons Shelter Within
  3. Ashes To Flesh
  4. A Nation In Atrophy
  5. The Midnight Grotesque
  6. Prophet Set To Witness
  7. Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture
  8. Threnody For An Endling
  9. Ravager
  10. Of Genesis And Apocalypse
  11. Foreboding
  12. Shackles Cross
  13. The Omniscient
  • Peter Meynckens
  • Ian Van Gemeren
  • Sven Deckers
  • Sven Janssens
  • Tom Van Oosterwijck

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