Origin: St. Louis, Missouri, USA  
Genres: Instrumental
Last update/review: August 15, 2015

Blind Idiot God

A somewhat obscure instrumental trio, Blind Idiot God is one of those bands content on doing their own thing, likely not caring one bit whether they ever make it as rock stars. As with many other all-instrumental groups, their influences often range far beyond metal and thus their style is difficult to pinpoint, with shades of spacey interludes, art-noise-rock, math metal, etc., all competing for space. Like other bands in this ballpark (two others that come to mind, by no means soundalikes but vaguely similar in what they were trying to accomplish, are Praxis and Don Caballero), Blind Idiot God is a risky bet -- very rarely mainstream, sometimes capable of pure excellence, other times hit-or-miss. After a hiatus of several years and then taking several years to record and get back into shape, a new album, Before Ever After, finally saw a release in early 2015.

Current Members

Andy Hawkins


Will Dahl


Tim Wyskida

drums (Insect Ark, Khanate, Khlyst)

Former Members/Guests

Gabe Katz


Ted Epstein



Blind Idiot God  
1987 SST
  1. Stravinsky/Blasting Off
  2. Shifting Sand
  3. Tired Blood
  4. Wide Open Spaces
  5. Subterranean Flight
  6. More Time
  7. Dark and Bright
  8. Wise Man Dub
  9. Stealth Dub
  10. Raining Dub
  • Andy Hawkins
  • Gabe Katz
  • Ted Epstein

1989 Enemy
  1. Sawtooth
  2. Clockwork Dub
  3. Atomic Whip
  4. Watch Yer Step
  5. Drowning
  6. Major Key Dub
  7. Alice in My Fantasies
  8. Rollercoaster
  9. Dubbing in the Sinai
  10. Wailing Wall
  11. Purged Specimen
  • Andy Hawkins
  • Gabe Katz
  • Ted Epstein

Purged Speciman  EP
  • Andy Hawkins
  • Gabe Katz
  • Ted Epstein

1993 Avant
  1. 747 Hawkins
  2. Slack Jaw
  3. Ground Lift
  4. Thunderhead
  5. Head On
  6. Hangtime
  7. Cloud Cover
  8. Cold Start
  9. Death Hollow Canyon, Utah
  10. Easing Back
  11. Broadside
  12. Dead Continent Dub
  • Andy Hawkins
  • Gabe Katz
  • Ted Epstein

Before Ever After  
  1. Twenty Four Hour Dawn
  2. Night Driver
  3. Antiquity
  4. Earthmover
  5. FUB
  6. Barrage
  7. High and Mighty
  8. Voice of the Structure
  9. Under the Weight
  10. Ramshackle
  11. Wheels of Progress
  12. Strung
  13. Shutdown
  • Andy Hawkins
  • Gabe Katz
  • Tim Wyskida

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