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Genres: Hard Rock
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Best known as the band featuring former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee, Badlands showed plenty of promise but their run was short-lived. Hard rock bands of the 80's and early 90's often were labelled as hair metal, and Badlands were often miscategorized as such, as they never went for the glam image of their compatriots. They debuted with a self-titled effort in 1989, and a fine debut it was, with Lee's tasteful bluesy riffs combined with Ray Gillen's Led Zeppelin-inspired vocals. They got good reviews, some MTV airplay, and decent sales, but they didn't quite make the impact that they (or their record company) hoped for. Two years later came the followup album Voodoo Highway, but it was a commercial failure, and by this time infighting between Gillen and Lee were threatening to break the band apart -- in fact, Gillen quit (or was fired) before a planned UK tour, only to be recruited temporarily back to complete those concerts, where naturally the tensions between the two were at full force. Following Gillen's final exit, the band soldiered on for a time with new vocalist John West (later to be seen in Artension and Royal Hunt), but this didn't last long and the band was soon put to rest. Lee disappeared from the public scene for many years afterward, while Gillen sadly died in late 1993. Their third album, originally entitled Tribal Moon, was shelved for years but finally saw a Japanese release in 1999 as Dusk.

Last Lineup

Ray Gillen

vocals RIP: December 1, 1993, AIDS, age 34

Jake E. Lee

guitars (ex-Ozzy Osbourne)

Greg Chaisson

bass (ex-Die Happy)

Jeff Martin

drums (ex-Michael Schenker Group, ex-Racer X)

Former Members/Guests

Eric Singer

drums (ex-Alice Cooper, ex-Avantasia, ex-Black Sabbath, Kiss)


1989 Atlantic
  1. High Wire
  2. Dreams in the Dark
  3. Jade's Song
  4. Winter's Call
  5. Dancing on the Edge
  6. Streets Cry Freedom
  7. Hard Driver
  8. Rumblin' Man
  9. Devil's Stomp
  10. Seasons
  11. Ball & Chain
  • Ray Gillen
  • Jake E. Lee
  • Greg Chaisson
  • Eric Singer

Voodoo Highway  
1991 Atlantic
  1. The Last Time
  2. Show Me the Way
  3. Shine On
  4. Whiskey Dust
  5. Joe's Blues
  6. Soul Stealer
  7. 3 Day Funk
  8. Silver Horses
  9. Love Don't Mean a Thing
  10. Voodoo Highway
  11. Fire & Rain
  12. Heaven's Train
  13. In a Dream
  • Ray Gillen
  • Jake E. Lee
  • Greg Chaisson
  • Jeff Martin

2000 Pony Canyon
  1. Healer
  2. Sun Red Sun
  3. Tribal Moon
  4. River
  5. Walking Attitude
  6. Fire Lasts Forever
  7. Dog
  8. Fat Cat
  9. Lord Knows
  10. Ride the Jack
  • Ray Gillen
  • Jake E. Lee
  • Greg Chaisson
  • Jeff Martin

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