Origin: USA  
Genres: Christian Metal
Last update/review: June 25, 2003

Die Happy

Die Happy was formed when the core of the Christian speed metal band Vengeance Rising (all but vocalist Roger Martinez) departed, in order to explore a different musical direction. Die Happy has an 80's thrash/power metal feel to it, with a vocalist that might remind one of Jag Panzer's Harry Conklin, and in fact at times the band itself sounds vaguely similar to JP circa Ample Destruction. Apparently their followup strayed farther from their original thrash roots, incorporating some funk/groove influences to their sound.

Last Lineup

Robin "Kyle" Basauri


Larry Farkas

guitars (ex-Once Dead, ex-Vengeance Rising)

Doug Thieme

guitars (ex-Once Dead, ex-Vengeance Rising)

Greg Chaisson

bass (ex-Badlands)

Glenn Mancaruso

drums (ex-Once Dead, ex-Vengeance Rising)

Former Members/Guests

Roger Martin

bass (ex-Once Dead, ex-Vengeance Rising)


Die Happy  
1992 Intense
  1. Renaissance
  2. Perpetual Motion
  3. Die Happy
  4. Bone Doctor
  5. Cage
  6. Real
  7. Slide Rule
  8. Painted Truth
  9. Celebration
  10. Melrose
  11. Silver Cloud
  • Robin "Kyle" Basauri
  • Larry Farkas
  • Doug Thieme
  • Roger Martin
  • Glenn Mancaruso
1992 Readers' Album #75

Volume 2  
1993 Intense
  1. Sticks and Stones
  2. Justified
  3. Love Sick Dog
  4. Tear Gallery
  5. Blue
  6. Talk
  7. Eden
  8. Cole's Atomic Funk Thang
  9. Temple of the Soul
  • Robin "Kyle" Basauri
  • Larry Farkas
  • Doug Thieme
  • Greg Chaisson
  • Glenn Mancaruso

Intense Live Series  EP
1993 Intense
  1. Justified
  2. In studio
  3. Painted Truth
  4. In studio
  5. Temple of the Soul
  6. In studio
  7. Celebration
  8. In studio
  9. Endless Love
  10. All Over Me

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