Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal, Christian Metal
Page online: March 19, 2017
Last update/review: March 19, 2017

Once Dead

The story of the band Once Dead starts with the early Christian thrash band Vengeance Rising. That band recorded two albums in 1989 and 1990 (the latter titled Once Dead) before a split ensued, with four of the five members leaving. After playing together in a band called Die Happy for a few years, they decided to resurrect the old thrash style once again in 2004. Initially they went by the name Vengeance (the original name of Vengeance Rising), but either for legal reasons or not, they decided instead to name the band after that 2nd VR album. They recruited Ultimatum frontman Scott Waters to sing, and put out a DVD a year later. A few years after that, in 2008, they finally recorded a new album, by which time the lineup had shifted a bit. That album, Visions Of Hell, has a bit of a modern thrash feel, with slightly hardcore-ish vocals. It doesn't appear that the band is still around.

Last Lineup

Larry Farkas

guitars (ex-Die Happy, ex-Vengeance Rising)

Doug Thieme

guitars (ex-Die Happy, ex-Vengeance Rising)

Angelo Espino

bass (ex-Anger As Art, Heretic, ex-Hirax, ex-Reverend)

Jim Chaffin

drums (ex-The Crucified, ex-Deliverance)

Former Members/Guests

Scott Waters

vocals (Ultimatum)

Roger Martin

bass (ex-Die Happy, ex-Vengeance Rising)

Glenn Mancaruso

drums (ex-Die Happy, ex-Vengeance Rising)


Return With A Vengeance  VIDEO

Visions Of Hell  
  1. Body Parts
  2. The Contract
  3. Devotion
  4. Visions of Hell
  5. Grave Diggers: The Forgotten Genocide
  6. Laodicea
  7. Rise Above
  8. Feeding My Addiction
  9. Flesheater
  10. Defy Man (A.K.A. Deep Fried Man)
  • Larry Farkas
  • Doug Thieme
  • Angelo Espino
  • Jim Chaffin

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