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Genres: Traditional Metal
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Reverend was the band formed by vocalist David Wayne after his initial departure from Metal Church in the late eighties. Among the members in the original lineup were three guys from Heretic, which ironically was the band that featured Wayne's Metal Church replacement in Mike Howe. They put out four releases between 1989 and 1992, unsurprisingly with a style not too dissimilar from mid-period MC, after which Wayne jumped back to the Church for that band's 1995 Masterpeace effort. He restarted the band in 2000 and an EP was released a year later, after which he again put Reverend on ice and put out a solo album as Wayne, with the somewhat amusing title of Metal Church, which riled up his old bandmates though he claimed he meant no disrespect. After that, Reverend the band was an on-again, off-again venture up until Wayne's death in 2005, and in fact for several years after that, with some of his then-current bandmates playing live in his honor. The band petered out in 2010, and nine years later, early guitarist Bill Rhynes put together a completely new lineup featuring a couple of underground metal names.

Trivia note: former drummer Jason Rosenfeld went by the name Jason Ian, and he is indeed the brother of Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian.

Current Members

Bobby Lucas

vocals (Attacker, ex-Overlorde, ex-Seven Witches)

Bill Rhynes


Alan Johnson


Jesse Vara

drums (ex-Byfist)

Former Members/Guests

David Wayne

vocals (ex-Metal Church, ex-Wayne) RIP: May 10, 2005, automobile accident, age 47

Brian Korban

guitars (Heretic)

Stuart Fujinami

guitars (Heretic)

Tommy Verdonck


Ernesto Martinez


Chris Nelson


John Stahlman


Dennis O'Hara

bass (ex-Heretic)

Angelo Espino

bass (ex-Anger As Art, Heretic, ex-Hirax, ex-Once Dead)

Todd Stotz


Rick Basha


Jason Rosenfeld


Joe Moore

drums (ex-Blood Feast) RIP: March 8, 2022, cancer, age 55


Reverend  EP
1989 Caroline
  1. Power of Persuasion
  2. Dimensional Confusion
  3. Wretched Excess
  4. Ritual
  • David Wayne
  • Brian Korban
  • Stuart Fujinami
  • Dennis O'Hara
  • Rick Basha

World Won't Miss You  
1990 Charisma
  1. Remission
  2. Another Form of Greed
  3. Scattered Wits
  4. Desperate
  5. Leader of Fools
  6. World Won't Miss You
  7. Rude Awakening
  8. Gunpoint
  9. Killing Time
  10. Hand of Doom
  11. 11th Hour
  • David Wayne
  • Brian Korban
  • Stuart Fujinami
  • Dennis O'Hara
  • Rick Basha

Play God  
1991 Charisma
  1. Butcher of Baghdad
  2. Heaven on Earth
  3. Fortunate Son
  4. Blessings
  5. Promised Land
  6. Play God
  7. Warp the Mind
  8. What You're Looking For
  9. Blackened Thrive
  10. Death of Me
  11. Far Away
  • David Wayne
  • Brian Korban
  • Tommy Verdonck
  • Angelo Espino
  • Jason Rosenfeld

1992 Charisma
  1. Gunpoint
  2. World Won't Miss You
  3. Scattered Wits
  4. B.O.B.
  5. Promised Land
  6. Power of Persuasion
  • David Wayne
  • Brian Korban
  • Ernesto Martinez
  • Angelo Espino
  • Jason Rosenfeld

A Gathering Of Demons  EP
2001 Neck Damage
  1. Massacre the Innocent
  2. Down
  3. Stealing my Mind
  4. Legion
  • David Wayne
  • Chris Nelson
  • John Stahlman
  • Todd Stotz
  • Jesse Vara

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