Origin: San Diego, California, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Page online: March 2, 2007
Last update/review: October 11, 2015


and was more or less discovered by Dio guitarist Craig Goldy, with another Dio player, bassist Jeff Pilson, producing the band's debut album Uncreation. Vocalist Veronica Freeman is quite a find -- unlike most women vocalists in metal (the majority of which are of in the graceful gothic metal category, the rest of which go for the other extreme of death metal), Freeman's voice is pure metal, powerful and confident (the inclusion of not one, but two Dio-era Black Sabbath covers gives a good indication of her style, as well as the band's direction). Now four albums in, the band hasn't hit the big time but has maintained a solid career.

Current Members

Veronica Freeman


Pete Wells


Aric Avina

bass (ex-Tynator)

Rikard Stjernquist

drums (ex-Ballistic, Jag Panzer, ex-Sargon)

Former Members/Guests

Jesse Wright


Chris Shrum


Chris Morgan

keyboards (StormHammer)

Tony Diaz


Blackie Sanchez


Paul Courtois



2006 Locomotive
  1. Uncreation
  2. Benedictum
  3. #4
  4. Misogyny
  5. Ashes to Ashes
  6. Wicca
  7. Heaven and Hell
  8. Them
  9. Two Steps to the Sun
  10. Valkyrie Rising
  11. The Mob Rules
  • Veronica Freeman
  • Pete Wells
  • Jesse Wright
  • Chris Morgan
  • Blackie Sanchez

Seasons Of Tragedy  
2008 Locomotive
  1. Dawn of Seasons
  2. Shell Shock
  3. Burn it Out
  4. Bare Bones
  5. Within the Solace
  6. Beast in the Field
  7. Legacy
  8. Nobodies Victim
  9. Balls to the Wall
  10. Steel Rain
  11. Seasons of Tragedy
  • Veronica Freeman
  • Pete Wells
  • Jesse Wright
  • Chris Morgan
  • Paul Courtois

2011 Frontiers
  1. Dominion
  2. At The Gates
  3. Seer
  4. Grind It
  5. Prodigal Son
  6. The Shadowlands
  7. Beautiful Pain
  8. Dark Heart
  9. Bang
  10. Loud Silence
  11. Epsilon
  12. Sanctuary (bonus track)
  13. Overture/The Temples of Syrinx (bonus track)
  • Veronica Freeman
  • Pete Wells
  • Chris Shrum
  • Tony Diaz
  • Paul Courtois

2013 Frontiers
  1. Dream Of The Banshee
  2. Fractured
  3. Obey
  4. Fighting For My Life
  5. Scream
  6. Evil That We Do
  7. Crossing Over
  8. Cry
  9. Thornz
  10. Die To Love You
  11. Apex Nation
  12. Retrograde
  • Veronica Freeman
  • Pete Wells
  • Aric Avina
  • Rikard Stjernquist

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