Origin: Spain
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Band Album Year
Alogia The Secret Spheres Of Art 2005
Anubis Gate Purification 2004
Anubis Gate A Perfect Forever 2005
Anubis Gate Andromeda Unchained 2007
Astral Doors Of The Son And The Father 2003
Astral Doors Astralism 2005
Astral Doors Raiders Of The Ark 2005
Astral Doors Evil Is Forever 2005
Astral Doors New Revelation 2007
Before The Dawn My Darkness 2003
Before The Dawn 4:17am 2004
Before The Dawn The Ghost 2006
Before The Dawn The First Chapter 2006
Benedictum Uncreation 2006
Benedictum Seasons Of Tragedy 2008
Circle II Circle So Many Reasons 2008
Kragens Seeds Of Pain 2005
Kragens Infight 2007
Medication Medication 2002
Medication Prince Valium 2002
Mägo De Oz Mägo De Oz 1994
Mägo De Oz Jesús De Chamberi 1996
Mägo De Oz La Bruja 1997
Mägo De Oz La Leyenda De La Mancha 1998
Mägo De Oz Finisterra 2000
Mägo De Oz A Costa Da Rock 2003
Mägo De Oz Rock 'N' Oz 2006
Mägo De Oz Rarezas 2006
Mägo De Oz Grandes Exitos 2007
Mägo De Oz A Costa De Morte 2007
Prong 100% Live 2002
Prong Scorpio Rising 2003
Pyramid The Immaculate Lie 2000
Pyramid Gaudi's Legacy 2002
Stormlord Mare Nostrum 2008
Stormwarrior Heading Northe 2008
Tierra Santa Medieval 1997
Tierra Santa Sangre De Reyes 2002
Tierra Santa Las Mil Y Una Noches 2003
Tierra Santa Indomable 2003
Tierra Santa Apocalipsis 2004
Tierra Santa Mejor Morir En Pie 2006
Tierra Santa 1997 - 2007 2007

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