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This is one strange but excellent band. A peek at their visual and aural image screams British retro (even their member names appear to be straight from the UK), but apparently these guys are from Los Angeles of all places, where they've been plying their trade for some time now. Their style is quite intriguing, a sound that really doesn't sound much like any other band, metallic in some cases and more rock in others. From their excellent Hex album, there's "Carry The Load" and BNR fave "Madhatter", which sound like they're straight off of Black Sabbath's Sabotage, but also the strongly Beatles-esque "Rock'n'Roll Contract", and the Pink Floydian "Disappear", topped off with "Falling Bombs" which has a bit of all three. And that might be the best way to describe this strange combo -- lots of Hammond organs, Beatles vocals and stylings, but also plenty of heavy guitars and general weirdness to keep it all together. Fascinating, odd, but quite a trip.

Current Members

Damon Fox


Luis Maldonado


Duffy Snowhill


Steve Frothingham


Former Members/Guests

A.H.M. Butler-Jones


Ace Mark


Richard Anton


Thom Sullivan


Mike Portnoy (guest)

drums (ex-Adrenaline Mob, guest for Avenged Sevenfold, BPMD, Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Metal Allegiance, guest for O.S.I., Sons Of Apollo)


Closer To Doom  
  1. Change
  2. Crazy
  3. Frustration
  4. Salvation
  5. In The Void
  6. Closer To Doom
  7. Theme One [bonus track]
  8. I, The Jury [bonus track]
  9. Fight [bonus track]
  10. Baron Saturday (live) [bonus track]
  • Damon Fox
  • A.H.M. Butler-Jones
  • Richard Anton
  • Thom Sullivan

Money Machine  
  1. Money Machine
  2. Sellout
  3. Neuropsychopathic Eye
  4. Side Effects
  5. (Another) Nervous Breakdown
  6. Mindbender
  7. Ironheel
  8. Death Walks Behind You
  9. The Bitter End
  • Damon Fox
  • A.H.M. Butler-Jones
  • Steve Frothingham

Goatbridge Palace  EP
  1. Side Effects
  2. (Another) Nervous Breakdown
  3. Sellout (live)
  4. Neuropsychopathic Eye (live)
  5. Money Machine (live)
  6. Sweet Leaf (live)
  • Damon Fox
  • A.H.M. Butler-Jones
  • Duffy Snowhill
  • Steve Frothingham

The Madhatter EP  EP
  1. Madhatter
  2. Brown-Eyed Girl
  3. Why?
  4. Bats In The Belfry III
  • Damon Fox
  • Ace Mark
  • Duffy Snowhill
  • Steve Frothingham

  1. Madhatter
  2. Bats In The Belfry II
  3. Pain Killers
  4. Disappear
  5. Rock & Roll Contract
  6. Sunshine Suicide
  7. Falling Bombs
  8. Black Moth
  9. Carry The Load
  10. Burning Bridges
  11. Bats In The Belfry I
  12. $
  • Damon Fox
  • Ace Mark
  • Duffy Snowhill
  • Steve Frothingham

Cheat The Gallows  
2008 Custard
  1. Gravest Show on Earth
  2. Blackball
  3. Money, It's Pure Evil
  4. The Evils of Rock & Roll
  5. No Parachute
  6. The Game
  7. Superstar
  8. Race With Time
  9. Hydra
  10. Counting Sheep
  • Damon Fox
  • Ace Mark
  • Duffy Snowhill
  • Steve Frothingham

Into The Maelstrom  
2014 Inside Out
  1. Incredible Time Machine
  2. Hypersleep
  3. Already Gone
  4. Alien Frequency
  5. The Professor & The Madman
  6. Mr. Harry McQuhae
  7. Vertigod
  8. Control Freak
  9. High
  10. Edge of Oblivion
  11. Theater of Dreams
  12. ITM: I. Destination Unknown / II. Harbinger Of Death / III. Memories
  • Damon Fox
  • Luis Maldonado
  • Duffy Snowhill
  • Mike Portnoy
2014 Readers' Album #94

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