Origin: England  
Genres: NWOBHM
Last update/review: February 8, 2000

Blind Fury

Originally Blind Fury was a collaboration between guitarist Kevin Heybourne (Angel Witch) and vocalist Lou Taylor, but by the time of their debut album's release, the band was essentially Satan with Taylor singing -- presumably Satan had decided on a name change, as well as a style change. After the album's release, the rest of the band (all but Taylor) reverted back to Satan. Due partially to the vocals, this album showed a more melodic side of the band than either the preceding or succeeding Satan albums.

Last Lineup

Lou Taylor


Steve Ramsey

guitars (ex-Pariah, Satan, Skyclad)

Russ Tippins

guitars (ex-Pariah, Satan)

Graeme English

bass (ex-Pariah, Satan, Skyclad)

Sean Taylor

drums (ex-Blitzkrieg, ex-Pariah, Satan)


Out Of Reach  
1985 Roadrunner
  1. Do It Loud
  2. Out Of Reach
  3. Evil Eyes
  4. Contact Rock And Roll
  5. Living On The Edge
  6. Dynamo (There Is A Place ...)
  7. Back Inside
  8. Dance Of THe Crimson Lady Pt 1
  • Lou Taylor
  • Steve Ramsey
  • Russ Tippins
  • Graeme English
  • Sean Taylor

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