Origin: Sandviken, Sweden  
Genres: Power Metal
Page online: February 2, 2023
Last update/review: February 2, 2023

Blazon Stone

Bands who name themselves after another band's classic album often don't stray far from their namesake band, and a shining example of this concept is this here Blazon Stone, a group (well, pretty much a solo project, really) named after the 1991 Running Wild album. And so the style here is exactly what the doctor ordered: speedy, rollicking, upbeat Euro power metal with even some of the pirate influence intact. Arguably one might even look at this as the continuation of the Running Wild spirit, as while that band has an impressive history, they've tailed off in recent years while Blazon Stone recorded steadily since their debut in 2013. Founder Cederick Forsberg initially decided enough was enough in July 2019, pulling the plug on the project while declaring that, indeed, Blazon Stone was nothing more than a Running Wild tribute and he'd run out of ideas (as well as members). Yet a year later, he recruited an all-new lineup and the band was back in business.

Current Members

Matias Palm

vocals (Dorsal Atlantica)

Cederick Forsberg

guitars/bass (ex-Crystal Viper)

Emil Westin Skogh


Marta Gabriel

bass (Crystal Viper)

Karl Löfgren


Former Members/Guests

Erik Nordkvist


Georgy Piechev


Erik Forsberg


Philip Forsell (guest)


Jimmy Mattsson (guest)

bass (ex-Loch Vostok)

Daniel Hansfeldt (guest)

drums (Bloodbound)


Return To Port Royal  
2013 StormSpell
  1. Black Chest Inn (intro)
  2. Return to Port Royal
  3. Stand Your Line
  4. Amistad Rebellion
  5. High Treason
  6. Curse of the Ghostship
  7. Blackbeard
  8. Wind in the Sails
  9. The Tale of Vasa
  • Erik Nordkvist
  • Cederick Forsberg

No Sign Of Glory  
2015 independent
  1. Declaration of War
  2. Fire the Cannons
  3. A Traitor Among Us
  4. No Return from Hell
  5. Bloody Gold
  6. Fight or Be Dead
  7. Beasts of War
  8. Stranded and Exiled
  9. No Sign of Glory
  • Georgy Piechev
  • Cederick Forsberg

War Of The Roses  
2016 independent
  1. Born to Be Wild
  2. Mask of Gold
  3. Stay in Hell
  4. Voici la grande peur
  5. Lusitania
  6. Black Dawn of the Crossbones
  7. Welcome to the Village
  8. By Hook or by Crook
  9. Soldier Blue
  10. War of the Roses
  • Erik Forsberg
  • Cederick Forsberg

Ready For Boarding  EP
2016 independent
  1. Ready for Boarding
  2. The Diamonds Curse
  3. Hunting for Gold
  4. Lost and Alone
  • Erik Forsberg
  • Cederick Forsberg

Down In The Dark  
2017 independent
  1. The Galleons Departure
  2. Into Victory
  3. Down in the Dark
  4. Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered
  5. Eagle Warriors
  6. Tavern of the Damned
  7. Merciless Pirate King
  8. Watery Graves
  9. Rock Out!
  10. 1478
  11. Bloody Inquisition
  12. Captain of the Wild
  • Erik Forsberg
  • Cederick Forsberg

Hymns Of Triumph And Death  
2019 StormSpell
  1. Triumph and Death (Intro)
  2. Heart of Stone
  3. Dance of the Dead
  4. Iron Fist of Rock
  5. Hellbound for the Ocean
  6. Blood of the Fallen
  7. Cheating the Reaper
  8. Slaves & Masters
  9. Wavebreakers
  10. Ride High
  11. Howell's Victory
  12. Wild Horde
  • Erik Forsberg
  • Cederick Forsberg
  • Emil Westin Skogh

Live In The Dark  LIVE
2019 StormSpell
  1. Intro
  2. Down in the Dark
  3. Soldier Blue
  4. A Traitor Among Us
  5. Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered
  6. Black Dawn of the Crossbones
  7. Eagle Warriors
  8. Stand Your Line
  9. Born to Be Wild
  10. War of the Roses
  11. Fire the Cannons
  12. Rock On
  • Philip Forsell
  • Cederick Forsberg
  • Emil Westin Skogh
  • Jimmy Mattsson
  • Daniel Hansfeldt

Return To Port Royal - Definitive Edition  
2020 StormSpell
  1. Black Chest Inn (Intro)
  2. Return to Port Royal
  3. Stand Your Line
  4. Amistad Rebellion
  5. High Treason
  6. Curse of the Ghost Ship
  7. Beasts of War
  8. Blackbeard
  9. Wind in the Sails
  10. The Tale of Vasa
  11. Stand Your Line (live)
  • Erik Nordkvist
  • Cederick Forsberg

2021 independent
  1. Damnation (Intro)
  2. Endless Fire of Hate
  3. Raiders of Jolly Roger
  4. Chainless Spirit
  5. Black Sails on the Horizon
  6. Wandering Souls
  7. Hell on Earth
  8. Bohemian Renegade
  9. 1671
  10. Highland Outlaw
  • Matias Palm
  • Cederick Forsberg
  • Emil Westin Skogh
  • Marta Gabriel
  • Karl Löfgren

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