Origin: Finland  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Page online: October 24, 2008
Last update/review: April 7, 2011


Finland has been one of the leading exporters of funeral doom for a number of years, with early pioneers such as Thergothon and Skepticism setting the standard and more recent bands like Shape Of Despair and Dolorian offering their takes on the genre. Colosseum, founded by former Yearning frontman Juhani Palomäki, continued the tradition. The core elements of classic funeral doom are all here -- songs that progress at a snail's pace, rich, organ-ish keyboards that usually dominate the guitars, very low and gutteral vocals, and lyrics concerning sadness and despair. Yet this is not just a by-the-numbers affair, but a quite mature and developed take on the genre. Fans of any of the aforementioned Finnish funeral bands would certainly take to these guys as well. Sadly, Palomäki passed away in May 2010, putting an end to the band, though a completed third album is expected to be released in his honor.

Last Lineup

Juhani Palomäki

vocals/guitars RIP: May 15, 2010, suicide, age 32

Olli Haarenen


Janne Rämö


Sameli Köykkä



Chapter 1: Delirium  
2007 Firebox
  1. The Gate of Adar
  2. Corridors of Desolation
  3. Weathered
  4. Saturnine Vastness
  5. Aesthetics of the Grotesque
  6. Delirium
  • Juhani Palomäki
  • Olli Haarenen
  • Janne Rämö
  • Sameli Köykkä

Chapter 2: Numquam  
2009 Firebox
  1. Numquam
  2. Towards the Infinite
  3. Demons Swarm by My Side
  4. The River
  5. Narcosis
  6. Prosperity
  7. Outro
  • Juhani Palomäki
  • Olli Haarenen
  • Janne Rämö
  • Sameli Köykkä

Chapter 3: Parasomnia  
2011 Firebox
  • Juhani Palomäki
  • Olli Haarenen
  • Janne Rämö
  • Sameli Köykkä

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