Origin: Pennsylvania, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Last update/review: March 12, 2016

Dream Death

One of the best New Renaissance releases of the eighties, Journey Into Mystery combined doom elements with hardcore-ish vocals and speed bursts -- a style that is prevalent nowadays but rather unique for its time. The band more or less broke up in early 1989, but reformed some time later with a modified lineup, eventually morphing into Penance. The band's three demos (two of them pre-Journey, the other recorded afterward) were compiled on one CD, released as Back From The Dead in early 2005. Finally, the band reformed and released Somnium Excessum in 2013.

Last Lineup

Brian Lawrence

vocals/guitars (ex-Penance)

Terry Weston

guitars (Blackfinger, ex-Penance)

Richard Freund

bass (ex-Penance)

Mike Smail

drums (ex-Cathedral, ex-Internal Void, ex-Penance, ex-Pentagram, ex-Under The Sun)

Former Members/Guests

Ted Williams



Journey Into Mystery  
1987 New Renaissance
  1. Back From The Dead
  2. The Elder Race
  3. Bitterness And Hatred
  4. Black Edifice
  5. Divine In Agony
  6. Hear My Screams
  7. Sealed In Blood
  8. Dream Death
  • Brian Lawrence
  • Terry Weston
  • Ted Williams
  • Mike Smail

Back From The Dead  DEMO RE-RELEASE
2005 PsycheDOOMelic
  1. Sealed in Blood
  2. Rhaizes Shadows
  3. Meet Thy Maker
  4. Wolves Bane
  5. Under the Blood Red Moon
  6. Dream Death
  7. Journey into Mystery
  8. Back from the Dead
  9. The Elder Race
  10. Method to Madness
  11. Bitterness and Hatred
  12. The Unseen
  13. A Wayfarer's Tale
  14. Born to Suffer

Pittsburgh Sludge Metal  LIVE
  1. Back From the Dead
  2. Rhaizes Shadows
  3. Wolves Bane
  4. Under the Blood Red Moon
  5. Method to Madness
  6. Circle of the Tyrants
  7. Angel of Death
  8. Sealed in Blood
  9. Dream Death

Somnium Excessum  
2013 self-released
  1. Feast
  2. Them
  3. Dystopian Distress Signal
  4. Bludgeon
  5. You're Gonna Die Up There
  6. From Inside the Walls
  • Brian Lawrence
  • Terry Weston
  • Richard Freund
  • Mike Smail

2016 Rise Above
  1. Dissemination
  2. Expendable Blood Flow
  3. Crawling
  4. The Cold Hard Light
  5. All in Vain
  6. Dominion
  7. The Other Side
  8. Nothing Ever Will
  9. Neutral Ground
  10. In Perpetuum
  • Brian Lawrence
  • Terry Weston
  • Richard Freund
  • Mike Smail

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