Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: February 15, 2016
Last update/review: September 18, 2017


Eric Wagner was the distinctive and iconic vocalist for the mighty Trouble back in the day, the Chicago band ruling the doom scene until he left and the band went quiet around 1995. Since then, however, he hadn't done a lot, quietly releasing an album with the Lid project back in 1997 and then briefly returning to Trouble for their comeback-of-sorts album (Simple Mind Condition) in 2007. Finally, word came out concerning a new project named Blackfinger, and several years later a self-titled album was released in 2014. Comparisons to Trouble are inevitable and occasionally are valid (there are a few up-tempo numbers reminiscent of later Trouble), but more often than not, Blackfinger shows a far more somber, reflective band at work, even though Wagner's vocal style really hasn't changed much over the years. A commendable effort from a long-missed metal veteran.

Current Members

Terry Weston

guitars (ex-Dream Death, ex-Penance)

Matthew Tuite


Matthew Cross


David Snyder


Former Members/Guests

Eric Wagner

vocals (ex-Lid, ex-The Skull, ex-Trouble) RIP: August 22, 2021, COVID-19, age 62

Rico Bianchi


Douglas Hakes


Ben Smith


Larry Piatz



2014 Church Within
  1. I Am Jon
  2. Yellowood
  3. Why God
  4. On Tuesday Morning
  5. As Long as I'm with You
  6. Here Comes the Rain
  7. Keep Fallin Down
  8. My Many Colored Days
  9. For One More Day
  10. All the Leaves Are Brown
  11. Till Death Do Us Part
  • Eric Wagner
  • Rico Bianchi
  • Douglas Hakes
  • Ben Smith
  • Larry Piatz

When Colors Fade Away  
2017 M-Theory
  1. When Colors Fade Away
  2. Can I Get a Witness
  3. All My Sorrow
  4. My Old Soul
  5. After-now
  6. Crossing the River
  7. Beside Still Water
  8. Waiting for the Sun
  9. Till We Meet Again
  • Eric Wagner
  • Terry Weston
  • Matthew Tuite
  • Matthew Cross
  • David Snyder

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