Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: October 18, 2015
Last update/review: September 24, 2018

The Skull

What we have here is three former members of a seminal metal band coming together in a new project, and naming the project after a classic album from said former band. That band, of course, is Trouble, and so this here The Skull takes their name from the classic second Trouble album. Indeed, the project had kicked around for a couple years as a Trouble tribute band of sorts, playing lesser-known Trouble tunes before striking out with original material on 2014's For Those Which Are Asleep. Frankly, this is the perfect direction for this band -- it's not a stale rehash of Trouble, but it's solid underground doom with Eric Wagner's familiar vocals complementing prime riffing from Matt Goldsborough (a one-time Pentagram member, another soundalike here) and Lothar Keller, along with the always-reliable ex-Trouble rhythm section of Ron Holzner and Jeff 'Oly' Olson, though the latter has recently departed due to his day job at none other than the awesome Allagash Brewery. While the original Trouble is soldiering on, this band might be the best of Chicago doom bands.

Current Members

Lothar Keller

guitars/backing vocals

Rob Wrong

guitars (Witch Mountain)

Ron Holzner

bass (ex-Debris Inc., ex-Trouble)

Brian Dixon

drums (ex-Cathedral)

Former Members/Guests

Eric Wagner

vocals (ex-Blackfinger, ex-Lid, ex-Trouble) RIP: August 22, 2021, COVID-19, age 62

Matt Goldsborough


Jeff Olson

drums/keyboards (ex-Supershine, ex-Trouble, ex-Wet Animal)

Sean Saley



For Those Which Are Asleep  
2014 Tee Pee
  1. Trapped Inside My Mind
  2. The Touch of Reality
  3. Sick of It All
  4. The Door
  5. Send Judas Down
  6. A New Generation
  7. Till the Sun Turns Black
  8. For Those Which Are Asleep
  • Eric Wagner
  • Lothar Keller
  • Matt Goldsborough
  • Ron Holzner
  • Jeff Olson
2014 Readers' Album #45

The Skull  EP
2016 Tee Pee
  1. The Longing
  2. The Skull (Trouble cover)
  3. Assassin (Live) (Trouble cover)
  4. Till the Sun Turns Black (Live)
  5. A New Generation
  • Eric Wagner
  • Lothar Keller
  • Rob Wrong
  • Ron Holzner
  • Sean Saley

The Endless Road Turns Dark  
  1. The Endless Road Turns Dark
  2. Ravenswood
  3. Breathing Underwater
  4. The Longing
  5. From Myself Depart
  6. As the Sun Draws Near
  7. All That Remains (Is True)
  8. Thy Will Be Done
  • Eric Wagner
  • Lothar Keller
  • Rob Wrong
  • Ron Holzner
  • Brian Dixon

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