Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Debris Inc.

When Trouble went into remission in the late nineties, the various members created all sorts of musical outlets to bide their time, resulting in bands/projects such as Lid, Wet Animal, Supershine, and this here Debris Inc., a collaboration between longtime Trouble bassist Ron Holzner and former St. Vitus guitarist Dave Chandler, with a bevy of drummers contributing before the pair settled on NOLA standout Jimmy Bower. The self-titled debut album clearly has a St. Vitus vibe at times, with Chandler's unmistakeable raw doomy guitar sound at front and center. At times the pace is ultra-slow a la Vitus, but other times they pick up the pace somewhat, in a garagy, punky sense, the whole affair being pretty loose, with Chandler's vocals also in the punk realm at times. An interesting release, mostly of interest to St. Vitus fans, Trouble completists, and those into raw punk/doom. The band eventually ran its course and was done by late 2008.

Last Lineup

Dave Chandler

guitars/vocals (St. Vitus)

Ron Holzner

bass (The Skull, ex-Trouble)

Jimmy Bower

drums (ex-Corrosion Of Conformity, ex-Crowbar, Down, Eyehategod, ex-Superjoint)


Debris Inc.  
2005 Candlelight
  1. Too Many Mushrooms On My Pizza
  2. Fuckin' Mess
  3. Full Of Shit (f.o.s.)
  4. The Old Man And His Bong
  5. The Nightmare
  6. You're The Reason I'm Medicated
  7. Dime-A-Dozen
  8. The Life And Times Of Claude & Elmo
  9. Shut Up
  10. Nausea
  11. Sickening Thud
  12. Junkbak
  13. I Feel Like Shit Again
  14. Pain
  15. The Ballad Of Debris
  16. I Love Living In The City
  17. Manhattan Breakfast
  • Dave Chandler
  • Ron Holzner
  • Jimmy Bower

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