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In addition to being the former monicker of none other than Black Sabbath, Earth is one of those truly underground cult bands that is often spoken of in hushed, reverential tones. Often less a proper band and more a loose project led by Dylan Carlson, the group has existed in various forms since around 1990 (with a definite dormant gap between 1997 and 2003) and while their bread and butter is drone, they've meandered through several style changes throughout the years. Reviewed here are 1996's Pentastar and 2011's Angels Of Darkenss, Demons Of Light I. Pentastar is one of the more conventionally metallic albums, relatively speaking, that the band has ever done, a mostly instrumental foray into some softer doom moments with hints of stoner metal here and there, and some nods to their more ambient past. Nothing here is remotely upbeat or even mid-paced, and there's an awful lot of repetition within each song, but there are some cool fuzzed-out guitar riffs like the opening "Introduction" and its related reprise "Coda Maestoso", as well as some odder moments like the seven-plus minutes of two simple piano chords that is the entirety of "Sonar And Depth Charge". By contrast, Angels is a bit more ambient, a bit more relaxed, and decidedly less metallic, often instead resembling a form of wandering alternative rock/metal, also virtually entirely instrumental. With songs ranging from seven to over twenty minutes in length, the band clearly isn't in a hurry to go anywhere, whcih allow the songs to subtlely wash over the listener. Like most bands in this select subgenre, Earth is not meant for traditional headbanging in the slightest, but given the proper frame of mind, their songs can set a fine background mood.

Current Members

Dylan Carlson


Adrienne Davies


Former Members/Guests

Tommy Hansen


Ian Dickson


Sean McElligot


James Plotkin

bass (Khanate, Khlyst, ex-Old)

Dan Tyack


Brett Netson


Jodie Cox


Dave Harwell


Don McGreevy


Greg Anderson

bass (Goatsnake, Sunn O))), Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine)

Karl Blau


Bill Herzog


Mike Deming


Steve Moore

keyboards (ex-Dungeon, guest for Ghost)

Lori Goldston


Joe Preston

drums (ex-High On Fire, ex-Melvins)

Michael McDaniel



Extra-Capsular Extraction  EP
1991 Sub Pop
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Dave Harwell
  • Joe Preston

Earth 2 - Special Low Frequency Version  
1993 Sub Pop
  1. Seven Angels
  2. Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine
  3. Like Gold and Faceted
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Dave Harwell

Phase 3: Thrones And Dominions  
1995 Sub Pop
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Tommy Hansen

Sunn Amps And Smashed Guitars Live  LIVE
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Dave Harwell
  • Joe Preston

Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons  
1996 Sub Pop
  1. Introduction
  2. High Command
  3. Crooked Axis for String Quartet
  4. Tallahassee
  5. Charioteer (Temple Song)
  6. Peace in Mississippi (Jimi Hendrix cover)
  7. Sonar and Depth Charge
  8. Coda Maestoso in F(Flat) Minor
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Ian Dickson
  • Sean McElligot
  • Mike Deming
  • Michael McDaniel

0707967LIVE  LIVE
  1. 070796
  2. Dissolution III (Oversaturated Intervallic Collisions)
  3. Dexamyl
  4. 070796 (Reconstruction by James Plotkin)
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Ian Dickson
  • James Plotkin
  • Adrienne Davies

Living In The Gleam Of An Unsheathed Sword  LIVE
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Adrienne Davies

Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method  
2005 Southern Lord
  1. Mirage
  2. Land of Some Other Order
  3. The Dire and Ever Circling Wolves
  4. Left in the Desert
  5. Lens of Unrectified Night
  6. An Inquest Concerning Teeth
  7. Raiford (The Felon Wind)
  8. The Dry Lake
  9. Tethered to the Polestar
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Dan Tyack
  • Steve Moore
  • Adrienne Davies

Live Hex: In A Large City On The NA Continent  LIVE
  1. A Plague of Angels
  2. Ouroboros Is Broken / Coda Maestoso in FB Minor
  3. Raiford
  4. Inquest Concerning Teeth
  5. Lens of Unrectified Night
  6. Other Ghost Like Symptoms
  7. Land of Some Other Order
  8. Dire and Ever Circling Wolves
  9. Divine and Bright

Live Europe 2006  LIVE
2007 Southern Lord

Hibernaculum  EP
2007 Southern Lord
  1. Ouroboros Is Broken
  2. Coda Maestoso in F (Flat) Minor
  3. Miami Morning Coming Down
  4. A Plague of Angels
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Don McGreevy
  • Greg Anderson
  • Steve Moore
  • Adrienne Davies

Radio Earth  LIVE
2008 Southern Lord

The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull  
2008 Southern Lord
  1. Omens and Portents I: The Driver
  2. Rise to Glory
  3. Miami Morning Coming Down II (Shine)
  4. Engine of Ruin
  5. Omens and Portents II: Carrion Crow
  6. Hung from the Moon
  7. The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Don McGreevy
  • Steve Moore
  • Adrienne Davies

Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light I  
2011 Southern Lord
  1. Old Black
  2. Father Midnight
  3. Descent to the Zenith
  4. Hell's Winter
  5. Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Karl Blau
  • Lori Goldston
  • Adrienne Davies

Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II  
2012 Southern Lord
  1. Sigil of Brass
  2. His Teeth Did Brightly Shine
  3. Multiplicity of Doors
  4. The Corascene Dog
  5. The Rakehell
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Karl Blau
  • Lori Goldston
  • Adrienne Davies

Primitve & Deadly  
2014 Southern Lord
  1. Torn By The Fox Of The Crescent Moon
  2. There Is A Serpent Coming
  3. From The Zodiacal Light
  4. Even Hell Has Its Heroes
  5. Rooks Across The Gate
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Brett Netson
  • Jodie Cox
  • Bill Herzog
  • Adrienne Davies

Live At Third Man Records  LIVE

Full Upon Her Burning Lips  
  1. Datura's Crimson Veils
  2. Exaltation of Larks
  3. Cats on the Briar
  4. The Colour of Poison
  5. Descending Belladonna
  6. She Rides an Air of Malevolence
  7. Maidens Catafalque
  8. An Unnatural Carousel
  9. The Mandrake’s Hymn
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Adrienne Davies

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