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Last update/review: March 22, 2004


Old (which, in their early days, stood for Old Lady Drivers) comprises a rather quirky chapter in the history of metal. On Lo Flux Tube (arguably the band's most well-known album), the style consists of Godflesh-style feedback-laden guitar work, speeded up to more like semi-thrash speed, with a rambling, progressive-ish bass line, and shrieking, completely incomprehensible vocals from Alan Dubin. Strange, to say the least, but quite intense. The later albums became more experimental with Formula in particular branching out in to techno-industrial territory. Though the band is no more, founder Jimmy Plotkin continued the band, in a sense, with the more experimental project called Flux, and he and Dubin are now back together in the ultra doom band Khanate. Plotkin also keeps busy with another oddball band called Phantomsmasher.

Last Lineup

Alan Dubin

vocals (Khanate)

James Plotkin

guitars (ex-Earth, Khanate, Khlyst)

Former Members/Guests

Herschel Gaer


Jason Everman

bass (ex-Mindfunk, ex-Nirvana)

Ralph Pimentel

drums (ex-One Man Army And The Undead Quartet)


Old Lady Drivers  
1988 Earache
  1. Total Hag
  2. Corpse Full of Gunk
  3. Supermarket Monstrosity
  4. Lepers w/o feet
  5. Tracheotomy Peashooter
  6. Wisdom Lost
  7. Cocaine
  8. Special Olympics
  9. I laugh as I chew
  10. Colostomy Grab-bag
  11. Feeding the Worms
  12. Old Ladies always break their hips
  13. Bathrooms rule
  14. Screaming Geezer
  • Alan Dubin
  • James Plotkin
  • Ralph Pimentel

Lo Flux Tube  
1991 Earache
  1. Outlive
  2. Disconnect self
  3. Citient null
  4. Lo flux tube
  5. Vein water
  6. Marzuraan
  7. Disassemble
  8. Z.U.
  9. Outlive again (ganglehea mix)
  • Alan Dubin
  • James Plotkin
  • Jason Everman

The Musical Dimensions Of Sleastak  
1993 Earache
  1. A beginning
  2. Two of me (part one and two)
  3. Freak now
  4. Peri cynthion
  5. Happy tantrum
  6. Creyap'nilla
  7. Glitch
  8. Ebb
  9. Backwards through the greedo compressor
  • Alan Dubin
  • James Plotkin
  • Herschel Gaer

Hold On To Your Face (remixes)  
1993 Earache
  1. What's the Point Trash Mix
  2. Two of Me Thermo Amphetamine Mix
  3. Monomaniac Mix
  4. Glitch Gabber King Mix
  5. TR808 Mix
  6. To Ebb Is To Drift Minimal Mix
  7. I Ain't Gots No Techno
  8. Jim Plotkin 2 Turntable Mix

1995 Earache
  1. Last look
  2. Break (you)
  3. Devolve
  4. Underglass
  5. Thug
  6. Rid
  7. Amoeba
  • Alan Dubin
  • James Plotkin

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