Origin: Germany  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: January 30, 2016


Possessed By Fire was released at the same time as Angel Dust's Into The Dark Past, on the same record label, and not coincidentally that album is the best reference for Exumer's sound -- crunchy Germanic thrash along the lines of Iron Angel, likely inspired musically by early Slayer. That Slayer influence was even more noticeable on the followup, Rising From The Sea, due to the Araya-esque vocals of Paul Arakari. After that they were done, save for a 2001 Wacken Open Air festival appearance, until 2008, when guitarist Ray Mensh decided to give it another go, roping in original vocalist Mem Von Stein and some newcomers that eventually recorded a comeback album, Fire & Damnation, in 2012.

Current Members

Mem Von Stein

vocals/bass (ex-Of Rytes, ex-Sun Descends)

Ray Mensh


Max Bräutigam


Anthony Schiavo


Matthias Kassner

drums (Crossplane)

Former Members/Guests

Paul Arakari


Bernie Siedler


Holger Kolb

guitars RIP: August 1, 2014, cancer

Syke Bornetto



Possessed By Fire  
1986 Disaster
  1. Possessed by Fire
  2. Destructive Solution
  3. Fallen Saint
  4. A Mortal in Black
  5. Sorrows of the Judgement
  6. Xiron Darkstar
  7. Reign of Sadness
  8. Journey to Oblivion
  9. Silent Death
  • Mem Von Stein
  • Ray Mensh
  • Bernie Siedler
  • Syke Bornetto

Rising From The Sea  
1988 Disaster
  1. Winds Of Death
  2. Rising From The Sea
  3. Decimation
  4. The First Supper
  5. Unearthed
  6. Shadows Of The Past
  7. Are You Deaf
  8. I Dare You
  9. Ascension Day
  • Paul Arakari
  • Ray Mensh
  • Bernie Siedler
  • Syke Bornetto

Fire & Damnation  
2012 Metal Blade
  1. Fire & Damnation
  2. Vermin of the Sky
  3. The Weakest Limb
  4. New Morality
  5. Waking the Fire
  6. Fallen Saint
  7. Crushing Point
  8. Devil Chaser
  9. I Dare You
  10. Tribal Furies
  • Mem Von Stein
  • Ray Mensh
  • Holger Kolb
  • Anthony Schiavo
  • Matthias Kassner
2012 Readers' Album #61

Fire Before Possession - The Lost Tapes  COMPILATION
2015 High Roller
  1. Possessed by Fire
  2. Journey to Oblivion
  3. Reign of Sadness
  4. Xiron Darkstar
  5. Fallen Saint
  6. Destructive Solution
  7. A Mortal in Black
  8. Silent Death

The Raging Tides  
2016 Metal Blade
  1. The Raging Tides
  2. Brand Of Evil
  3. Catatonic
  4. Sacred Defense
  5. Welcome To Hellfire
  6. Sinister Souls
  7. Shadow Walker
  8. There Will Always Be Blood
  9. Dark Reflections
  10. Death Factory
  11. Forever My Queen
  12. Hostage To Heaven
  • Mem Von Stein
  • Ray Mensh
  • Max Bräutigam
  • Anthony Schiavo
  • Matthias Kassner
2016 Readers' Album #42

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