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Last update/review: February 3, 2003

Fudge Tunnel

Fudge Tunnel's sludgy, grungy metal reminded some of early Godflesh minus the industrial influences, while others likened them to sludgecore bands like Eyehategod and others still likened them to the Seattle grunge sound of the day, though they came at it from a different angle. Hate Songs In E Minor is where the band is at its sludgiest (and arguably best), with the later material gradually cleaning things up a bit. By the time of their last album leader Alex Newport had become disillusioned with the public perception of the band (particularly the Seattle references), opting to spend time with his side project Nailbomb before the band came to a close around 1995, following the release of the odds-and-ends compilation In A Word. After an absence from the recording scene (during which time he served as a producer for a number of bands), Newport has recently returned in a new band, Theory Of Ruin.

Last Lineup

Alex Newport

guitars/vocals (ex-Nailbomb, ex-Theory Of Ruin)

David Ryley


Adrian Parkin



Hate Songs In E Minor  
1991 Earache
  1. Hate song
  2. Bed crumbs
  3. Spanish fly
  4. Kitchen belt
  5. Hate song (different version)
  6. Boston baby
  7. Gut rot
  8. Soap and water
  9. Tweezers
  10. Sunshine of you love
  11. Cat scratch fever (CD bonus track)

Fudgecake  EP
1992 Pigboy
  1. Sex mammoth
  2. Leprosy
  3. Persecuted
  4. Rudge
  5. Best friend`s wife
  6. No money
  7. Like Jeff
  8. Shit for brains

Teeth  EP
1992 Earache
  1. Teeth
  2. S.R.T.
  3. Shit for brains
  4. Like Jeff
  5. Sunshine of your love
  6. Joined at the dick

Creep Diets  
1993 Earache
  1. Grey
  2. Tripper gore
  3. Ten percent
  4. Face down
  5. Girl
  6. Don`t have time for you
  7. Good kicking
  8. Hot salad
  9. Creep diets
  10. Stuck
  11. Always
  12. Sweet man (bonus track)
  13. Changes (bonus track)

Complicated Futility Of Ignorance  
1994 Earache
  1. Random acts of cruelty
  2. The joy of irony
  3. Backed down
  4. Cover up
  5. Six eight
  6. Long day
  7. Excuse
  8. Find your fortune
  9. Suffering makes
  10. Great stories
  11. Circle of friend, circle of trends
  12. Rudge with a G
1994 Readers' Album #37

In A Word  
1995 Earache
  1. Sex mammoth
  2. Bed crumbs
  3. Boston baby
  4. Sweet meat
  5. Grey (live)
  6. Spanish fly (live)
  7. Ten percent
  8. Good kicking
  9. Stuck
  10. Tipper gore
  11. Gut rot (live)
  12. S.R.T. (live)
  13. Kitchen belt (live)
  14. For madmen only
  15. Changes

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