Origin: San Francisco, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Arguably this album should simply be filed under Laaz Rockit, as this short-lived incarnation was simply Laaz Rockit renamed. Though successful in the late eighties, the early nineties were not as kind to the Rockit, as several lineup changes had ensued, and their 1991 live album, Taste Of Rebellion, was recorded without much fanfare in Japan. Four of the five members on that album decided to make one last go of it, but felt that a name change was necessary. Thus, Gack came into being, the album Fix was recorded and released (like Rebellion, in Japan only), and the band dissolved soon afterward. Fix does have a thrash base, but it is a fair bit different from previous LR material, as it's a bit more rock/groove oriented, slightly darker in tone, though a pretty decent effort in its own right. Most of the original Rockit members came back together in 2005, relegating Gack to historical footnote.

Last Lineup

Michael Coons

vocals (Laaz Rockit)

Aaron Jellum

guitars (Laaz Rockit, ex-Warning SF)

Scott Sargeant

guitars (ex-Killingculture, ex-Laaz Rockit, ex-M.O.D., ex-Skinlab)

Scott Dominguez

bass (ex-Laaz Rockit)

Matt Vander Ende

drums (ex-Defiance)


1993 Pony Canyon
  1. Pure
  2. Break The Water
  3. Red Sky
  4. Liquid Palace
  5. Waiting
  6. Leave
  7. How Does It Feel
  8. Jones St.
  9. Show Me Why
  10. Day In The Park
  11. Acoustic Park
  • Michael Coons
  • Aaron Jellum
  • Scott Sargeant
  • Scott Dominguez
  • Matt Vander Ende

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