Origin: Norway  
Genres: Black Metal
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Last update/review: February 14, 2015


Though Gehenna's most recent album (Murder) is in the death metal field, most of this Norwegian band's time has been spent in the black metal camp. Debuting in 1994 with the EP First Spell, Gehenna's relaxed, somber melodic black metal was rather unique, highlighted by some interesting eerie synth work from then-keyboardist Sarcana. Though the band has had a pretty steady recording career quality-wise, many will still point to this first effort as the band's best. The next two albums showed a move toward a more aggressive, but still melodic, black metal style, somewhat like Emperor at that time. With the move to a new record label (Moonfog) came the transition album Adimiron Black. Still black metal, but decidedly harsher, with keyboards far less prominent, this pointed toward a bigger change to come. And come it did, in the form of 2000's Murder. With only scant traces of their black roots, Gehenna has really gone full-tilt toward death metal, with even the vocal style abruptly shifting from the typical black metal snarls of the early days toward a low-pitched death growl. Indeed, if Murder and First Spell were played back-to-back, one would be hard pressed to believe they both came from the same band. The group has continued to straddle the death/black in recent years, with 2005's WW veering back toward the black territory.

Current Members

Sanrabb (Morten Furuly)


Dolgar (Steffen Simenstad)




Amok (Frode Clausen)

bass (ex-Dismal Euphony)

Kine Hult




Former Members/Guests

Svartalv (Kenneth)


E.N. Death (Frode Sivertsen)


Sarcana (Nina)




Dirge Rep (Per Husebø)

drums (ex-Enslaved)

Blod (Jan Egil Fosse)

drums RIP: September 4, 2018, age 43

Frost (Kjetil Haraldstad) (guest)

drums (1349, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-Keep Of Kalessin, ex-Ov Hell, Satyricon, ex-Zyklon-B)


First Spell  EP
1994 Head Not Found
  1. The Shivering Voice of the Ghost
  2. Unearthly Loose Palace
  3. Angelwings and Ravenclaws
  4. The Conquering of Hirsir
  5. Morningstar
  • Sanrabb
  • Dolgar
  • Svartalv
  • Sarcana
  • Dirge Rep

Seen Through The Veils Of Darkness  
1995 Cacophonous
  1. Lord of flies
  2. Shairak rinnummh
  3. Vinterriket
  4. A witch is born
  5. Through the veils of darkness
  6. The mystical play of shadows
  7. The eyes of the sun
  8. A myth...
  9. Dark poems author
  • Sanrabb
  • Dolgar
  • Svartalv
  • Sarcana
  • Dirge Rep

1996 Cacophonous
  1. She who loves the flames
  2. Made to suffer
  3. Touched and left for dead
  4. Bleeding the blue flame
  5. Manifestation
  6. Ad arma ad arma
  7. The pentagram
  8. Malice
  9. The word became flesh
  10. Before the seventh moon
  • Sanrabb
  • Dolgar
  • E.N. Death
  • Sarcana
  • Dirge Rep

Black Seared Heart  DEMO RE-RELEASE
1997 Holycaust
  1. Intro
  2. Two Demons Eight Spirits
  3. Black Seared Heart
  4. Angelwings and Ravenclaws
  5. The Chariots that Carried Her to The Grave
  6. Outro - Part I
  7. Outro - Part II
  8. A Witch is Born
  9. Night of the Serpent's Judgement
  10. Midwinter Forest

Adimiron Black  
1998 Moonfog
  1. The Killing Kind
  2. Deadlights
  3. Admirion Black
  4. Seeds Of Mans Destruction
  5. Devils Work
  6. Slowly Being Poisoned
  7. Eater Of The Dead
  • Sanrabb
  • Dolgar
  • E.N. Death
  • Damien
  • Blod

Deadlights  EP
1998 Moonfog
  1. Deadlights
  2. In Mother's Womb
  3. Master Satan
  • Sanrabb
  • Dolgar
  • E.N. Death
  • Blod

2000 Moonfog
  1. Introduction
  2. Murder
  3. Worthy Exit
  4. Devout Dementhia
  5. The Crucified One
  6. Perfect Hate
  7. To The Grave
  8. Trail Of Blood
  9. Master Satan
  10. The Dead
  • Sanrabb
  • Dolgar
  • E.N. Death
  • Blod

2005 Moonfog
  1. Grenade Prayer
  2. Death To Them All
  3. New Blood
  4. Flames Of The Pit
  5. Silence The Earth
  6. Werewolf
  7. Abattoir
  8. Pallbearer
  • Sanrabb
  • Dolgar
  • Amok
  • Kine Hult
  • Frost

2013 Indie
  1. The Decision
  2. Unravel
  3. Nothing Deserves Worship
  4. Nine Circles of Torture
  5. A Grave of Thoughts
  6. Lead to the Pyre
  7. End Ritual
  8. Death Enters
  • Sanrabb
  • Dolgar
  • Skinndød
  • Slatrarinn

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