Origin: Stavanger, Norway  
Genres: Black Metal
Page online: July 7, 2013
Last update/review: June 3, 2018

The Konsortium

As of this writing, The Konsortium is one of those "mystery" bands, where the members conceal their identity (except, curiously, one guy, Teloch, who's played in several well-known bands). Anyway, the band apparently dates back to 2003, but it wasn't until 2011 that their first album (self-titled) was released. Musically, The Konsortium has that cold, biting, slightly avant-garde black metal style that brings to mind later-period Satyricon or perhaps Dødheimsgard. The vocals are quite varied, rooted in the classic black metal style but also with some industrial-ish touches that play off the adventurous riffing. A good first effort, those into the Moonfog stable of bands will find these guys fit right in.

Current Members

Teloch (Morten Iversen)

guitars (guest for Gorgoroth, Mayhem, ex-Ov Hell)


The Konsortium  
2011 Agonia
  1. Gasmask Prince
  2. Lik Ulven
  3. Under the Black Flag
  4. Decomposers
  5. Knokkeklang
  6. Slagens Barn
  7. Onwards! Onwards!
  8. Tesla
  • Teloch

2018 Agonia
  1. Innferd
  2. Skogen
  3. Fjella
  4. Stormen
  5. Hausten
  6. Arv
  7. Havet
  8. Utferd

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