Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Industrial, Nu-Metal
Page online: April 9, 2007
Last update/review: February 15, 2015


M.A.N was a project led by Transport League vocalist Tony Jelencovich, serving as a continuation of that band during its hiatus from around 2005 to 2009. Though the band may not have been fond of the description, Obey, Consume, Reject might best be slotted in the nu-metal category, due to Jelencovich's roaring vocals, the downtuned guitar riffs, and general song structures. This in itself is not a bad thing, and in fact OCR has some good ideas and rocks pretty heavily, though the tag nu-metal didn't carry a lot of weight at the time. With Jelencovich back at the Transport League helm, this project is likely done.

Last Lineup

Tony Jelencovich

vocals (ex-Angel Blake, Transport League)

Mark Black (Markus Fristedt)

guitars (Dream Evil)

Rob Hakemo

bass (ex-The Resistance)

Adde Larsson


Former Members/Guests

Martin Mayerman


Robert Gustavsson




Magnus 155

drums (ex-Transport League)

Andreas Engberg



Obey, Consume, Reject  
2006 Rage Of Achilles
  1. Fold And Disqusted
  2. Last Injection
  3. My Master
  4. None To Tell
  5. Cop Out
  6. Bon Voyage MF
  7. Soul Wasted
  8. Handcuffed
  9. Cancered
  10. Kick Down
  11. Monster Device
  • Tony Jelencovich
  • Martin Mayerman
  • Stitch
  • Magnus 155

2008 Tiefdruck
  1. Peacenemy
  2. Worn Wings
  3. Blood Vanish
  4. My Own Sickness
  5. Outnumbered
  6. Body Sewer
  7. Harness The Mind
  8. Eyes Bled, Tears Shed
  9. Hacker Saoiens
  10. 44 Teeth
  11. Dead Universe
  12. Peacenemy Epilogue
  • Tony Jelencovich
  • Robert Gustavsson
  • Rob Hakemo
  • Andreas Engberg

Massive Audio Nerve  
2010 Tiefdruck
  1. Dead Set
  2. Don't Wake Up
  3. Logocide
  4. Last Light Drains
  5. Vivid Heart
  6. Identical Abuse
  7. False Memory Syndrome Pt 1 & 2
  8. Slave Program
  9. Mock At My Motion
  10. Falling, Zero Status Zero

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