Origin: Italy  
Genres: Eclectic Metal
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Last update/review: July 25, 2003


MonumentuM was formed in 1987 by Roberto Mammarella and Anthony Duman, with the intent to create dark music inspired by the likes of Celtic Frost and Christian Death. A demo was recorded in 1990 but the band broke up soon afterward, with Mammarella recruiting a new lineup in 1994 and a year later releasing In Absentia Christi. Resembing a horror movie soundtrack more than a proper rock/metal album, Christi is nonetheless an excellent display of dark, foreboding, gloomy music, with a wide range of musical styles on display (metal being only a part of their sound). Even at the time both band and album were fairly unknown, and following the release the band was even less in the spotlight. Finally, in 2001, Mammarella presented yet another completely different lineup to record Ad Nauseum a year later, an album that, according to reports, is even less conventional in terms of rock/metal music, instead delving into gloomy ambient themes.

Mammarella is also apparently the leader of the doom/goth band Cultus Sanguine, though that band's similarly low profile makes this difficult to confirm.

Last Lineup

Andrea Stefanelli


Alis Francesca Bos


Roberto Mammerella

guitars (ex-Cultus Sanguine)

Daniele Bovo

guitars/keyboards (Cultus Sanguine)

Diego Danelli


Andrea Bellucci


Elisa Carrera


Former Members/Guests

Francesca Nicoli


Paulo Mauri


Mox Cristadoro



In Absentia Christi  
1995 Misanthropy
  1. Battesimo: Nero Opaco
  2. A Thousand Breathing Crosses
  3. Consuming Jerusalem
  4. Fade To Grey
  5. On Perspective Of Spiritual Catharsis
  6. From These Wounds
  7. Terra Mater Orfanorum
  8. Nephtali
  9. La Noia
  • Francesca Nicoli
  • Roberto Mammerella
  • Paulo Mauri
  • Mox Cristadoro

Ad Nauseum  
2002 Tetra
  • Andrea Stefanelli
  • Alis Francesca Bos
  • Roberto Mammerella
  • Daniele Bovo
  • Diego Danelli
  • Andrea Bellucci
  • Elisa Carrera

  1. La Noia nella Casa del Dolore
  2. Il Padrino / The Godfather (soundtrack, maintheme)
  3. Windfall (Dead Can Dance cover)
  4. Distance / Act Noir
  5. A Tainted Retrospective / In Decay
  6. Theme One (Ain Soph cover)
  7. Ortodoxya
  8. The Colour of Compassion (Singing and Sinking)
  9. No Redemption / Angst
  10. Black and Violet (DeathSS cover)
  11. I Stand Nowhere / Unplug the Pain
  12. Last Call for Life / Dance Without Moving
  13. Fade to Grey / In Worms
  14. A Moment of Silence for the Blind Universe

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