Origin: Portland, Oregon, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: November 19, 2009
Last update/review: November 19, 2009


No, this has nothing to do with the cult Norwegian black metal band Mayhem, this Mayhem was one of several 80's Northwest bands fronted by Matt McCourt, whose most well-known band is probably Wild Dogs. One album was recorded here, that somehow found its way to the French Black Dragon label for release in 1987. For the most part, this is prime Motorhead-styled grimy speed/thrash metal with a dash of punky crossover thrown in, probably not a band that anyone (members included) took all that seriously (judging from song titles like "Couch Potato" and "Fuk-U").

Last Lineup

Matt McCourt

vocals (ex-Dr. Mastermind, Wild Dogs)

Eric Olson


Craig Lower


Steve Hanford


Former Members/Guests

Mikkel Haastrup (guest)


Maja Shining (guest)


Kristian Uhre (guest)



Burned Alive  
1987 Black Dragon
  1. Burned Alive
  2. Vicious Circle
  3. Couch Potato
  4. Face It
  5. Fuk-u
  6. 6 is 9
  7. White Mice on Speed
  8. Domination
  9. Defy Your Master
  10. Aerobic Genocide
  11. Over the Top
  12. Ace of Spades
  13. Another Loving Tribute Fade
  • Matt McCourt
  • Eric Olson
  • Craig Lower
  • Steve Hanford

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