Origin: Portland, Oregon, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
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Last update/review: April 28, 2010

Wild Dogs

In the Shrapnel Records tradition, Wild Dogs played conventional 80's metal with excellent guitarwork. The vocalist and the drummer (McCourt and Castronovo) were in a side project called Dr. Mastermind, who also recorded for Shrapnel. By the end of the eighties the original band was done, but McCourt has since kept the band going with a variety of lineups and has released all sorts of material (both direct Wild Dogs albums as well as related projects) over the years under his own label USMetal Records. As of April 2010 three of the original members are together in the latest incarnation of the group.

Current Members

Matt McCourt

vocals/bass (ex-Dr. Mastermind, ex-Mayhem)

Jeff Mark


Danny Kurth


Larry Sarrat-Davis


Former Members/Guests

Michael Furlong


Rick Bartell


Deen Castronovo

drums (ex-Dr. Mastermind, ex-Geezer, ex-Ozzy Osbourne)


Wild Dogs  
1983 Shrapnel
  1. Life Is Just A Game
  2. The Tonight Show
  3. The Evil In Me
  4. Born To Rock
  5. Never Gonna Stop
  6. Two Wrongs
  7. Take Another Prisoner
  8. I Need A Love
  9. You Can't Escape Your Lies
  • Matt McCourt
  • Jeff Mark
  • Danny Kurth
  • Deen Castronovo

Man's Best Friend  
1984 Shrapnel
  1. On The Streets
  2. Not Stoppin'
  3. Woman In Chains
  4. Beauty And A Beast
  5. Believe In Me
  6. Rock's Not Dead
  7. Endless Nights
  8. Ready Or Not
  9. Stick To Your Guns
  • Matt McCourt
  • Jeff Mark
  • Danny Kurth
  • Deen Castronovo

Reign Of Terror  
1987 Enigma
  1. Fuel (In The Blood)
  2. Man Against Machine
  3. Call Of The Dark
  4. Siberian Vacation
  5. Psychoradio
  6. Streets Of Berlin
  7. Spellshock
  8. Reign Of Terror
  9. We Rule The Night
  • Michael Furlong
  • Jeff Mark
  • Rick Bartell
  • Deen Castronovo

Better Late Than Never  
2000 Old Metal
  1. Dirty Dog
  2. Freak of Nature
  3. Fight
  4. King of The World
  5. Hotwired
  6. Rank n File
  7. The Vulture
  8. Glass Rain

Out For Blood  
  1. Sacrifice
  2. Killing The Night
  3. Alone With You
  4. Touched By Love
  5. Don't Fight The Feeling
  6. Watchin The Game
  7. Change Your Mind
  8. Out For Blood
  9. Jeff's Live Solo (1987)
  10. American Dream
  11. Transfaker
  12. We Came Rock
  13. Up Against The Wall
  14. Running Away (1982)
  15. Tonite We Rock (1982)
  16. Fugitive (1981)

Live In San Francisco 1982  LIVE
  1. Tonite Will Rock
  2. I Need a Love
  3. Born to Rock
  4. Let Her Go!
  5. Ready or Not
  6. Deen solo / Heavy Metal Rock N Roll
  7. Two Wrongs
  8. Evil in Me
  9. Never Gonna Stop
  10. Tonite Show
  11. Take Another Prisoner

The Ring Of Blood  
  1. Stronger Than Evil
  2. American Way
  3. Out From The Shadows
  4. The Burning
  5. Final Victory
  6. Look Homeward
  7. Dark Mirror Dream
  8. Sails Of Charon

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