Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: March 8, 2007
Last update/review: March 8, 2007

Pitts Vs Preps

Formed by guitarist Jason Portera, Pitts vs Preps takes its odd name from terms referring to one's musical/lifestyle ("pitts" are metalheads, "preps" might also known as preppies or yuppies, a dig at higher-income snobbery). The band got a big profile boost when well-known vocalist Kyle Thomas joined the fold. he having previously made his name in bands such as Exhorder and Floodgate, as well as currently singing in Alabama Thunderpussy and even had a brief spell in Trouble. Thomas and Portera's mission was to go return to their love of old-school metal, and that's what Below And Beyond, their 2006 effort, delivers. This certainly doesn't sound much like any of Thomas' other bands, as this truly is straightforward metal, clearly (but not exclusively) rooted in the 80's. Portera's guitar work is fine, and Thomas strong vocals, augmented by some classic metal wailing, is also on target. The songwriting might be the weak link here, as several of the tunes just aren't that memorable (and at times, it sounds like Thomas' vocals don't fit the riffs, though perhaps that's just a personal opinion), though this could well be corrected in future efforts.

Current Members

Kyle Thomas

vocals (ex-Alabama Thunderpussy, Exhorder, ex-Floodgate, Trouble)

Jason Portera


Scott Guion


Andy Shepherd


Bryan Cox

drums (ex-Alabama Thunderpussy)

Former Members/Guests

Alex Ducro



Below And Beyond  
  1. Keep Me From the Fire
  2. Chisel the Stones
  3. Bloody Fields
  4. Sinner's Hand
  5. Hybrid Gods
  6. Seven Seals
  7. Blood Breaks the Tide
  8. Dead Wrong Again
  • Kyle Thomas
  • Jason Portera
  • Scott Guion
  • Andy Shepherd
  • Alex Ducro

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