Origin: Gretna, Louisiana, USA  
Last update/review: May 10, 2005


Kyle Thomas was the man behind Exhorder, an early-90's band that has been widely acclaimed as the originator of the modern Pantera sound. With his later band Floodgate, Thomas opted for a different sound, as Penalty featured a modern Sabbath sound with a slight Southern flavor, similar to fellow southerners such as Corrosion Of Conformity or Down. Though a shade short on songwriting variety, the album was a pretty good first effort, but the band never recorded again. Thomas later put some efforts into reforming Exhorder, but now (April 2005) has a new band, Pitts vs Preps.

Last Lineup

Kyle Thomas

vocals/guitars (ex-Alabama Thunderpussy, Exhorder, Pitts Vs Preps, Trouble)

Steven Fisher

guitars/backing vocals

Kevin Thomas

bass/backing vocals (ex-Rain Fell Within)

Neil Montgomery

drums/backing vocals


1996 Roadrunner
  1. Shivering
  2. Through My Days Into My Nights
  3. Before The Line Divides
  4. Those Days
  5. Till My Soil
  6. Whole
  7. Second Guesser
  8. Running With Sodden Legs
  9. Imitation Salvation
  10. Feel You Burn
  11. Black With Sin
  • Kyle Thomas
  • Steven Fisher
  • Kevin Thomas
  • Neil Montgomery
1996 Readers' Album #39

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