Origin: Umeå, Sweden  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: January 6, 2021


While Germany remains the top producer of 80's-styled power/speed metal bands, Sweden is arguably a close second, with HammerFall being the most well-known band alongside contenders such as Lost Horizon, Nocturnal Rites, and Defender. Persuader deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as these bands, as their two albums released thus far can attest. Most reminiscent of early HammerFall or perhaps Blind Guardian (particularly in the vocal department), the band deliver exactly the type of quality metal that power metal fans are accustomed to, with enough vigor and songwriting variance to avoid the heard-it-before tag. There's an endless supply of Euro power metal bands these days, and perhaps not all of them are deserving of attention, but Persuader is.

Current Members

Jens Karlsson

vocals (Savage Circus)

Emil Norberg

bass (Savage Circus)

Fredrik Mannberg

guitars (ex-Guillotine, Nocturnal Rites)

Efraim Juntunen

drums (ex-Guillotine, guest for Naglfar)

Former Members/Guests

Pekka Kiviaho

guitars (ex-One Man Army And The Undead Quartet)

Daniel Sundbom

guitars (ex-Guillotine)

Fredrik Hedström



The Hunter  
2000 Loud'n'Proud
  1. Fire At Will
  2. As You Wish
  3. Cursed
  4. The Hunter
  5. Secrets
  6. Escape
  7. Heart and Steel
  8. And There Was Light
  9. My Life For You
  • Jens Karlsson
  • Pekka Kiviaho
  • Fredrik Hedström
  • Efraim Juntunen

Evolution Purgatory  
2004 Sanctuary
  1. Strike Down
  2. Sanity Soiled
  3. Masquerade
  4. Godfather
  5. Turn To Dust
  6. Passion/Pain
  7. Raise Hell
  8. To The End
  9. Fire At Will
  10. Wipe Out
  • Jens Karlsson
  • Emil Norberg
  • Fredrik Hedström
  • Efraim Juntunen

When Eden Burns  
  1. Twisted Eyes
  2. Slaves Of Labour
  3. Sending You Back
  4. R.S Knights
  5. The Return
  6. When Eden Burns
  7. Judas Immortal
  8. Doomsday News
  9. Zion
  10. Enter Reality
  11. Alight The Heavens (Japanese bonus track)
  • Jens Karlsson
  • Emil Norberg
  • Daniel Sundbom
  • Fredrik Hedström
  • Efraim Juntunen

The Fiction Maze  
  1. One Lifetime
  2. War
  3. The Fiction Maze
  4. Deep in the Dark
  5. InSect
  6. Son of Sodom
  7. Sent to the Grave
  8. Heathen
  9. Dagon Rising
  10. Worlds Collide
  11. Falling Faster
  • Jens Karlsson
  • Emil Norberg
  • Daniel Sundbom
  • Fredrik Hedström
  • Efraim Juntunen
2014 Readers' Album #70

2020 Frontiers
  1. The Curse Unbound
  2. Scars
  3. Raise the Dead
  4. Reign of Darkness
  5. Hells Command
  6. Gateways
  7. The Infernal Fires
  • Jens Karlsson
  • Emil Norberg
  • Fredrik Mannberg
  • Efraim Juntunen

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