Origin: Cleveland, Ohio, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: March 22, 2004


Purgatory was one of a handful of 80's bands from Ohio, playing metal the good old fashioned way as did many bands of that time. Tied To The Trax has some good riffs and is far from a bad album, though twenty-odd years later it does sound a bit dated. Certainly not bad for its time.

Last Lineup

Jeff Hatrix

vocals (ex-Hatrix, ex-Mushroomhead)

Randy Gonce


Greg Perry


Mark Alexander


Kenny Easterly

drums (ex-Mystik)


Tied To The Trax  
1986 Auburn
  1. Tied To The TRax
  2. Deep Into The Red
  3. Screamin' Machine
  4. Night Crawler Bitch
  5. Fear Of The Night
  6. Crush The Black Cross
  7. Lost Angels
  8. Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
  9. Purgatory (Shattered Version)
  • Jeff Hatrix
  • Randy Gonce
  • Greg Perry
  • Mark Alexander
  • Kenny Easterly

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