Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Last update/review: July 26, 2015

Rebels Without Applause

Rebels Without Applause was the third go-around for guitarist Greg Fulton and bassist Scott Schafer, having previously played speed metal in Znowhite and thrash in Cyclone Temple. Perhaps realizing that it was time for something new, RWA was a different animal altogether, melding funk and blues influences with a power metal base. that only occasionally hints at their thrash past. Combined with Fulton's soulful vocals, the result is an intriguing and inventive style, though perhaps a style that struggled to click with a defined audience.

Last Lineup

Greg Fulton

guitars/vocals (ex-Cyclone Temple, ex-Znowhite)

Mark Alano


Steve Reichelt


Tony Heath


Former Members/Guests

Scott Schafer

bass (ex-Cyclone Temple, ex-Znowhite)


Rip-Hop Soulcore Crush  EP
1997 Rhythm & Dues
  1. Needlejuice
  2. Me & Mine
  3. Take My Rest
  4. Been So Low
  5. Words Weigh a Ton
  • Greg Fulton
  • Mark Alano
  • Scott Schafer
  • Tony Heath

Low End Head Stomp  
2003 Rhythm & Dues
  • Greg Fulton
  • Mark Alano
  • Scott Schafer
  • Tony Heath

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