Origin: London, England  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Page online: March 25, 2007
Last update/review: March 25, 2007


A band named Sloth, from England, signed to Rise Above Records? What else could these guys possibly play except doom? True enough, The Voice Of God is a mighty slab of classic Brit ultra-doom (think Electric Wizard or early Cathedral for starters), with riffs as slow and ponderous as the animal for whom the band is named. A second album was reportedly due for release on Rise Above in 2004, but apparently it never happened.

Last Lineup

Gaz Ricketts


Roland Scriver

guitars (End Of Level Boss)

William Palmer

bass (ex-Mourn)

Alan French


Former Members/Guests

Vince Scriver



The Voice Of God  
2000 Music Cartel
  1. Wishman
  2. Lord of The Gallows
  3. Geminian
  4. Into The Sun
  5. Green Magick
  6. The Voice of God
  7. Casting The Circle
  8. The Sadist
  • Gaz Ricketts
  • Roland Scriver
  • William Palmer
  • Vince Scriver

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