Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
Page online: March 23, 2006
Last update/review: March 23, 2006

Solar Dawn

Solar Dawn formed in 1997 and went under the name Jarawynja for several years. They recorded two demos in 1999, the second (Desideratum) of which was re-packaged and released as Frost-Work, the first recording under the new name Solar Dawn, followed by their sole full-length album, Equinoctium, in 2002. They were squarely in the melodic death metal camp, with hoarse, one-dimensional vocals atop the typical Swedish melodic death style. Not a groundbreaking album, but pretty decent, though the vocals are monotonous to the point of being a detriment to the overall effect. The band announced its breakup in February 2005.

Last Lineup

Christian Ålvestam


Andreas Månsson


Anders Edlund

guitars (ex-Angel Blake, ex-Solution .45)

Robert Karlsson

bass (ex-Edge Of Sanity, ex-Pan-Thy-Monium)

Jocke Pettersson


Former Members/Guests

Martin Restin



(MCD) Frost-Work  
2001 Mighty Music
  1. Artistic Blasphemy
  2. Punished By Silence
  3. Arisen Composure
  • Christian Ålvestam
  • Andreas Månsson
  • Anders Edlund
  • Martin Restin

2002 Mighty Music
  1. Deicidal Beliefs
  2. Punished By Silence
  3. Spellbinder
  4. Deep In Mourning
  5. Artistic Blasphemy
  6. Vulturous Need
  7. Broken-Winged
  8. Autumns
  • Christian Ålvestam
  • Andreas Månsson
  • Anders Edlund
  • Robert Karlsson
  • Jocke Pettersson

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