Origin: Suffolk, England  
Genres: Death Metal, Doom Metal
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Page online: November 4, 2023
Last update/review: November 4, 2023


Strigoi is the second solo project led by Gregor Mackintosh of Paradise Lost, following an earlier band in Vallenfyre that lasted until 2018. This project is not a continuation, but the style isn't totally unfamiliar, as Mackintosh's doomdeath pedigree ensures plenty of grim, ponderous, quality deathy doom with some extreme edges, a bit of post-metal, and a few speed bursts to break things up.

Current Members

Gregor Mackintosh

vocals/guitars (Paradise Lost, ex-Vallenfyre)

Ben Ash

guitars (ex-Carcass)

Chris Casket

bass (Devilment)

Guido Zima


Former Members/Guests

Waltteri Väyrynen (guest)

drums (ex-Bodom After Midnight, Opeth, ex-Paradise Lost, ex-Vallenfyre)


Abandon All Faith  
2018 Nuclear Blast
  1. The Rising Hordes
  2. Phantoms
  3. Nocturnal Vermin
  4. Seven Crowns
  5. Throne of Disgrace
  6. Carved into the Skin
  7. Parasite
  8. Iniquitous Rage
  9. Plague Nation
  10. Enemies of God
  11. Scorn of the Father
  12. Abandon All Faith
  • Gregor Mackintosh
  • Chris Casket
  • Waltteri Väyrynen

2022 PsycheDOOMelic
  1. United in Viscera
  2. King of All Terror
  3. An Ocean of Blood
  4. Napalm Frost
  5. Hollow
  6. A Begotten Son
  7. Bathed in a Black Sun
  8. Byzantine Tragedy
  9. Redeemer
  10. Iron Lung
  • Gregor Mackintosh
  • Ben Ash
  • Chris Casket
  • Guido Zima

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