Origin: Halifax, England  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: February 27, 2013
Last update/review: September 28, 2022


Vallenfyre was founded by Paradise Lost guitarist Gregor Mackintosh, seeking an outlet to musically grieve, so to speak, the death of his father. He hooked up with another doomdeath guy in Hamish Glencross (My Dying Bride), eventually a proper band was fleshed out, and the result was 2011's A Fragile King. King is a doomy death album without question, but only occasionally does it really touch on the classic doomdeath sound for which Mackintosh and Glencross are famous. More often this is old-school, Swedish-style death metal (Entombed comes to mind, especially given that biting raw guitar tone) with some darker tones a la prime Celtic Frost. The group released two more albums before disbanding in 2018.

Last Lineup

Gregor Mackintosh

vocals/guitars (Paradise Lost, Strigoi)

Hamish Glencross

guitars (ex-My Dying Bride, ex-Solstice)

Scoot (Michael Gladok)


Waltteri Väyrynen

drums (ex-Bodom After Midnight, Opeth, ex-Paradise Lost, guest for Strigoi)

Former Members/Guests

Ian Mullinger


Adrian Erlandsson

drums (At The Gates, ex-Brujeria, guest for Code, ex-Cradle Of Filth, The Haunted, ex-Netherbird, ex-Paradise Lost)


A Fragile King  
2011 Century Media
  1. All Will Suffer
  2. Desecration
  3. Ravenous Whore
  4. Cathedrals of Dread
  5. As the World Collapses
  6. A Thousand Martyrs
  7. Seeds
  8. Humanity Wept
  9. My Black Siberia
  10. The Divine Have Fled
  11. The Grim Irony
  • Gregor Mackintosh
  • Hamish Glencross
  • Ian Mullinger
  • Scoot
  • Adrian Erlandsson

2014 Century Media
  1. Scabs
  2. Bereft
  3. Instinct Slaughter
  4. Odious Bliss
  5. Savages Arise
  6. Aghast
  7. The Wolves of Sin
  8. Cattle
  9. Dragged to Gehenna
  10. Thirst for Extinction
  11. Splinters
  • Gregor Mackintosh
  • Hamish Glencross
  • Scoot
  • Adrian Erlandsson
2014 Readers' Album #21

Fear Those Who Fear Him  
2017 Century Media
  1. Born To Decay
  2. Messiah
  3. Degeneration
  4. An Apathetic Grave
  5. Nihilist
  6. Amongst The Filth
  7. The Merciless Tide
  8. Dead World Breathes
  9. Soldier Of Christ
  10. Cursed From The Womb
  11. Kill All Your Masters
  12. Temple Of Rats
  • Gregor Mackintosh
  • Hamish Glencross
  • Waltteri Väyrynen

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