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Sundown was formed by ex-members of Cemetary and Tiamat, with the band name originating from a Cemetary song. Design 19 basically picks up where the last two Cemetary albums left off -- mid-paced metal with a slight goth influence (mostly in the vocals -- Matthias Lodmalm sounds similar to his Cemetary work, though sometimes a bit less gruff). A bit more keyboards and a bit more atmospheric in places, but in general this could easily have been a Cemetary album. Enjoyable, though not revolutionary. After the release of the similarly-styled Glimmer, Lodmalm decided to reform Cemetary (sort of), building a new lineup (including Sundown drummer Christian Silver) and naming the band Cemetary 1213.

Last Lineup

Mathias Lodmalm

vocals/guitars (Cemetary, ex-Cemetary 1213)

Manne Engström

guitars (ex-Beseech, ex-Cemetary 1213)

Andreas Karlsson


Christian Silver

drums (ex-Cemetary 1213, guest for Lake Of Tears)

Former Members/Guests

Andreas Johansson


Johnny Hagel

bass/keyboards (Sorcerer, ex-Tiamat)


Design 19  
1997 Century Media
  1. Aluminum
  2. 19
  3. Judgement ground
  4. Voyager
  5. Synergy
  6. As time burns
  7. Don't like to live today
  8. Slither
  9. Emotional
  10. 112/Ghost in the Machine
  • Mathias Lodmalm
  • Andreas Johansson
  • Johnny Hagel
  • Christian Silver

1999 Century Media
  1. Lifetime
  2. Divine
  3. Halo
  4. Prey
  5. Star
  6. Glimmer
  7. Stab
  8. Wired
  9. Silencer
  • Mathias Lodmalm
  • Manne Engström
  • Andreas Karlsson
  • Christian Silver

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