Origin: Netherton, England  
Genres: Christian Metal, Thrash Metal
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Page online: September 29, 2011
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Seventh Angel

The United Kingdom had a pretty healthy thrash scene during the early' nineties, with several standout bands recording for the Under One Flag label. One of those bands was Seventh Angel, formed in 1987 and notable for being one of the relatively few Christian thrash bands at the time, releasing two albums on the UOF label in 1990 and 1992. As heard on 1992's Lament For The Weary, their style was a form of inventive Christian progressive thrash, thankfully toning down the preachiness on the lyric front. Considering the number of thrash bands at the time that all sounded like each other, Seventh Angel seemed a bit more willing to spread their wings a bit, resulting in a lost 90's thrash classic. But stardom was not in the cards for the band, and they broke up in 1992 shortly after the album's release. Some 16 years, core members Ian Arkley and Andrew Thompson decided to give it another go, and with a new lineup in place, released a comeback album, The Dust Of Years, in 2009.

Current Members

Ian Arkley

guitars/vocals (ex-Paramaecium)

Simon Bibby


Mark Broomhead

bass (ex-Detritus)

Andrew Thompson


Former Members/Guests

Scott Rawson


Simon Jones



The Torment  
1990 Under One Flag
  1. Tormented Forever
  2. The Charmer
  3. Forbidden Desires
  4. I Of The Needle
  5. Expletive Deleted
  6. Dr. Hatchet
  7. Locked Up In Chains
  8. Acoustic Interlude
  9. Katie
  10. Epilogue
  11. Recollections of a Life Once Lived
  12. Life in All Its Emptimess
  13. No Longer a Child
  14. Full of Blackness
  15. Lament for the Weary
  16. Woken by Silence
  17. Falling Away From Reality
  18. Dark Shadows
  19. Passing of Years
  20. Secure in Eternity
  21. Farewell to Human Cries
  • Ian Arkley
  • Scott Rawson
  • Simon Bibby
  • Andrew Thompson

Lament For The Weary  
1992 Under One Flag
  • Ian Arkley
  • Scott Rawson
  • Simon Jones
  • Andrew Thompson

Heed The Warning / Live  COMPILATION
2005 Bombworks
  1. Forbidden Desires
  2. Seven Angels
  3. I of the Needle
  4. Heed the Warning
  5. Tormented Forever
  6. Seven Angels
  7. Dark Shadows
  8. Dr. Hatchet
  9. Woken By Silence
  10. Life In All Its Emptiness
  11. Katie
  12. No Longer a Child

The Dust Of Years  
2009 Bombworks
  1. Chaos of Dreams
  2. The Turning Tide
  3. Exordium
  4. Weep Not for Us
  5. Abélard and Heloise
  6. In Ruins
  7. Lamentations
  8. The Raven Sky
  9. Oswiecim
  • Ian Arkley
  • Simon Bibby
  • Mark Broomhead
  • Andrew Thompson

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