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With Death Angel dormant in the early nineties, and the short-lived DA followup band The Organization also done, Swarm was the next go-around, founded in the late nineties by three DA members and releasing a four-track self-financed EP in 1999. Even with only four songs, the songwriting here was more developed and the influences more diverse, with little of their former band's thrash roots left. Nonetheless, their aggressive modern style was intriguing and seemed to show some great potential for the future. As it turned out, Death Angel would return to action soon afterward, and so Swarm was laid to rest, though a full-length album was eventually released in Europe, compiling recordings made over several years.

Last Lineup

Mark Osegueda

vocals (Death Angel)

Rob Cavestany

guitars (Death Angel, ex-The Organization)

Michael Isaiah


Andy Galeon

drums (Blind Illusion, ex-Death Angel, ex-The Organization, The Ghost Next Door)


Swarm  EP
1999 independent
  1. Bleed
  2. Sufferahs
  3. Sengir Vampire
  4. Beyond The End
  • Mark Osegueda
  • Rob Cavestany
  • Michael Isaiah
  • Andy Galeon

Beyond The End  
2003 Mausoleum
  1. Heaven.s Cage
  2. Bleed
  3. Never Forget
  4. Karma
  5. Dark Western
  6. Sengir Vampire
  7. Sufferahs
  8. Beyond The End
  9. Diamond
  10. My Eyes Have Seen You
  • Mark Osegueda
  • Rob Cavestany
  • Michael Isaiah
  • Andy Galeon

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