Origin: Arlington, Texas, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: November 4, 2012
Last update/review: August 19, 2017


An interesting story as to the formation of this band. In 2006 several Texas thrashers came together to play a benefit show for former Hammerwitch bassist Wayne Abney, who had suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident. Calling themselves the Texas Metal Alliance, the guys played covers from their previous groups (notably Rigor Mortis and Gammacide), and the response from that show was enough to convince the guys to make a go of it full-time. None other than Phil Anselmo caught wind of the project and was impressed enough to sign the band to his Housecore label. By 2009 they had decided to change name to Warbeast, and with Anselmo at the production helm, they released Krush The Enemy in 2010. Thrash is, of course, the order of the day here, no surprise given the members' pedigrees, their style kind of midway between retro thrash and the more modern incarnations.

Current Members

Bruce Corbitt

vocals (ex-Rigor Mortis) RIP: January 25, 2019, cancer, age 56

Scott Shelby

guitars (ex-Gammacide)

Drew Shoup


Lyric Ferchaud


José Gonzalez

drums (ex-Superjoint)

Former Members/Guests

Bobby Tillotson


Alan Bovee



Krush The Enemy  
2010 Housecore
  1. Krush The Enemy
  2. Unleashed
  3. Self Will Run Riot
  4. The Plague At Hand
  5. Blackened Heart
  6. Scorched Earth Policy
  7. Guardian Angel
  8. The Controller
  9. Stalker
  10. We Are The Vultures Show
  • Bruce Corbitt
  • Scott Shelby
  • Bobby Tillotson
  • Alan Bovee
  • José Gonzalez

2013 Housecore
  1. Cryogenic Thawout
  2. Nightmares in the Sky
  3. Egotistical Bastard
  4. Nobody
  5. The Day of…
  6. Warbeast
  7. Blood Moon
  8. War of the World
  9. Destroy
  10. Nameless
  • Bruce Corbitt
  • Scott Shelby
  • Bobby Tillotson
  • José Gonzalez

Enter The Arena  
2017 Housecore
  1. Centuries Of Poisoned Soil
  2. Punishment For Gluttony
  3. Orchestration Of Violence
  4. Maze Of The Minotaur
  5. Hitchhiker
  6. Chemicals Consuming
  7. Enter The Arena
  8. The Scalping
  9. Conjuration With The Devil
  10. Ancient Hate

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