Origin: Germany  
Genres: Power Metal
Last update/review: May 15, 2005


X-Wild was formed by three German metallers who were at various times dismissed from Running Wild (hence their name, ex-Wild). Recruiting a British vocalist, they went on two record three albums, but financial problems forced their breakup in 1997. Musically, they were in the speed/power metal mold, not too far from their former band, while vocalist Frank Knight's strong vocal resemblance to Udo Dirkschneider gave them the occasional Accept similarity.

Last Lineup

Frank Knight


Axel Morgan

guitars (ex-Running Wild)

Jens Becker

bass (Grave Digger, ex-Running Wild)

Frank Ullrich

drums (ex-Grave Digger, ex-Living Death)

Former Members/Guests

Stefan Schwarzmann

drums (ex-Accept, ex-Krokus, Pänzer, ex-Running Wild, ex-U.D.O.)


So What!  
  1. Can't Tame The Wild
  2. Dealing With The Devil
  3. Scarred To The Bone
  4. Wild Frontier
  5. Sky Bolter
  6. Beastmaster
  7. Kid Racer
  8. Into The Light
  9. Freeway Devil
  10. Mystica Deamonica
  11. Thousand Guns
  12. Different (So What)
  • Frank Knight
  • Axel Morgan
  • Jens Becker
  • Stefan Schwarzmann

Monster Effect  
  1. Wild Knight
  2. Souls Of Sin
  3. Theatre Of Blood
  4. Heads Held High
  5. Dr. Sardonicus
  6. Sinners Are Winners
  7. Monster Effect
  8. Serpents Kiss
  9. Sons Of Darkness
  10. D.Y.T.W.A.C.
  11. King Of Speed
  12. Bodies
  • Frank Knight
  • Axel Morgan
  • Jens Becker
  • Stefan Schwarzmann

  1. Savageland (intro)
  2. Braveheart
  3. Savageland
  4. Born For War
  5. Murder In Thy Name
  6. Children Of The Underground
  7. Dragonslayer
  8. Die Like A Man
  9. Field Of Blackbirds
  10. Clash Of The Titans
  11. Hunting The Damned
  12. Chaos Ends
  • Frank Knight
  • Axel Morgan
  • Jens Becker
  • Frank Ullrich

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