Origin: Germany  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: May 1, 2016
Last update/review: November 5, 2017


Panzer was conceived by veteran German drummer Stefan Schwarzmann (ex-Accept and many others), initially roping in another former Accept man in guitarist Hermann Frank (who's since moved on) and completing the lineup with Destruction frontman Schmier. The 2014 album, Send Them All To Hell, slots somewhere between the two groups, leaning more toward outright Germanic thrash but with a bit more melody in places. Backed by Nuclear Blast Records and featuring a predictably solid production, the album pretty much plays it safe in terms of innovation, but clearly the European market is strong for bands like this.

Current Members

V.O. Pulver

guitars (Gurd, Messiah, Poltergeist)

Pontus Norgren

guitars (HammerFall)

Stefan Schwarzmann

drums (ex-Accept, ex-Krokus, ex-Running Wild, ex-U.D.O., ex-X-Wild)

Former Members/Guests

Schmier (Marcel Schirmer)

bass/vocals (Destruction, ex-Headhunter)

Hermann Frank

guitars (ex-Accept, ex-Sinner)


Send Them All To Hell  
2014 Nuclear Blast
  1. Death Knell
  2. Hail and Kill
  3. Temple of Doom
  4. Panzer
  5. Freakshow
  6. Mr. Nobrain
  7. Why?
  8. Virtual Collision
  9. Roll the Dice
  10. Bleed for Your Sins
  11. Murder in the Skies (Gary Moore cover)
  • Schmier
  • Hermann Frank
  • Stefan Schwarzmann

Fatal Command  
2017 Nuclear Blast
  1. Satan's Hollow
  2. Fatal Command
  3. We Can Not Be Silenced
  4. I'll Bring You the Night
  5. Scorn and Hate
  6. Afflicted
  7. Skullbreaker
  8. Bleeding Allies
  9. The Decline (...And the Downfall)
  10. Mistaken
  11. Promised Land
  12. Wheels of Steel
  • Schmier
  • V.O. Pulver
  • Pontus Norgren
  • Stefan Schwarzmann

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