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Genres: Death Metal
Page online: April 15, 2010
Last update/review: April 29, 2018

Bone Gnawer

Bone Gnawer. A band featuring Kam Lee (Death, Massacre, etc.). Is there any doubt as to what these guys might sound like? Of course not. Feast Of Flesh, the band's 2009 debut, is ultra old-school, horror/gore-infested death metal, the more groove-laden, mid-paced variety that is the antithesis of the modern school of technical death metal. Plusses include a decent groove and a good vocal performance from Lee, while the minuses are a decided similarity in the songs and rather pointless, immature lyrics. There's a fair number of quite negative reviews of this album floating out there, which to these ears are not deserved -- this is not cutting-edge or revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, and again it's not where death metal is going these days, but for old-style, downtuned gore/death, it delivers. Several releases were put in later years, with the project being put to rest in 2015.

Last Lineup

Kam Lee

vocals (ex-Death, ex-Denial Fiend, ex-The Grotesquery, ex-Massacre)

Ronnie Björnström

guitars/backing vocals (Mezzrow)

Rogga Johansson

bass/backing vocals (Down Among The Dead Men, ex-The Grotesquery, ex-Massacre, Paganizer)

Morgan Lie


Former Members/Guests

Eazy E.



Feast Of Flesh  
  1. Feast of Flesh
  2. Sliced and Diced
  3. Cannibal Cookout
  4. Make You Die Slowly
  5. Hammer to the Skull
  6. The Saw is Family
  7. Hatchet Face
  8. Defleshed and Skinned
  9. Anthropophagus Beast
  10. The Lucky Ones Die First
  • Kam Lee
  • Ronnie Björnström
  • Rogga Johansson
  • Morgan Lie

Scissored  EP
  1. Back To The Butchery
  2. Leave Her To The Cleaver
  3. Scissored
  • Kam Lee
  • Ronnie Björnström
  • Rogga Johansson
  • Morgan Lie

Carved  EP
  1. Carved
  2. Vorarephilia (Her Sweet Meat)
  3. Back to the Butchery
  4. Leave Her to the Cleaver
  5. Scissored
  • Kam Lee
  • Rogga Johansson
  • Eazy E.

  1. Back to the Butchery
  2. Leave Her to the Cleaver
  3. Scissored
  4. And Now the Terror Starts
  5. Cannibal Confessions
  6. Hacked-n-Slashed
  7. Carved
  8. Vorarephillia (Her Sweet Meat)
  9. Beware the Cross
  10. Eat or Be Eaten
  11. Zombies vs Cannibals
  12. Cannibal Cravings (Attack of the Face Eater)

Cannibal Crematorium  
2015 Pulverized
  1. The Anthropophagist Inferno
  2. Modern Day Cannibal
  3. Chainsaw Carnage
  4. Horrors in the House of Human Remains
  5. Chewed, Mauled, & Gnawed
  6. Il sesso bizzarro di cannibali
  7. Chrome Skull
  8. Below a Murder of Carrion Crows
  9. Carnivore Beneath
  10. Untold Story: Human Pork Bun
  11. Cannibal Crematorium
  • Kam Lee
  • Ronnie Björnström
  • Morgan Lie

Canale Di Carneficina  EP
  1. The Female Butcher
  2. Channel of Carnage
  3. Circle of the Cannibals
  4. It Shall Have Blood (Demo Version)
  • Kam Lee
  • Ronnie Björnström
  • Rogga Johansson
  • Morgan Lie

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